Tucked away on the ground floor of a medical office building in Edina, Rossini's would seem an unlikely place to find great mussels. The entrance is through the parking ramp, and the rest of the menu is fairly old-school Italian--stuff in red sauce, stuff in white sauce, grilled and sauced meats with pasta appetizers. Still, in our considered opinion, there's no better way to cap an afternoon of solo shopping at Southdale or the Galleria than by taking refuge at one of Rossini's 15 diminutive tables and ordering a glass of wine and an order of fresh mussels. You can get the standard version--in a broth infused with tomatoes, garlic, and wine--but these oversize, earthy shellfish taste even better bathed in Rossini's slightly sweet curry cream sauce. Don't make the mistake of asking for a half-order ($6.95), even if you're dining alone. A full order ($10.95) makes a generous meal for one--especially when you take into account that you'll be asking to have your bread basket refilled to help you polish off the silky sauce.


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