Lutefisk is, of course, dried cod rehydrated with lye and water served at Christmas to remind us all of how lucky we are to be living in present-day Minnesota and not starving in turn-of-the-century Scandinavia. Don't ask us why, but every year around Christmastime, Pearson's (an otherwise very nice establishment) offers the consummate preparation of this hot fish Jell-O with the bleachy, ammonia aftertaste. For $11.95 you'll get your lutefisk drizzled with butter and dusted with paprika, served with a ramekin of hot buttery dill cream sauce next to a mound of mashed potatoes formed into a well and filled with brown gravy. When they offer you a choice of vegetable, try to go with something light-colored, like corn, lest you violate the Scandinavian whiter-shade-of-pale food rule.


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