A few years back, when Michael Jackson (the international beer guru, not the international pop icon) called Sherlock's Piper's Pride the best Scottish ale outside of Scotland, you should have sat up and taken notice. And if you haven't yet worked your way over to Sherlock's to listen to the loquacious Bill Burdock give the tour of his little microbrewery, you're hopeless, truly hopeless. Don't you know life is fleeting? Almost as fleeting as the freshness in a barrel of handmade, cask-conditioned English-style ale like Sherlock's Bishop's Bitter, a highly hopped biting beer pumped with real British hand-pump engines out of wooden casks after carefully supervised maturation. Why do you think they dispose of their beer as soon as it's been open for a day? Stop your dilly-dallying already; there's beer to be drunk!


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