Exquisite yakitori, beautiful bento boxes, splendid sashimi, discreet servers, and a magnificent view of the glittering Minneapolis skyline--there's no more polished, no more refined Japanese restaurant in town. After the de rigueur hot towel, order a drink and a few rounds of sushi before moving on to the best sukiyaki in town. (Sukiyaki is to beef soup what an ear of fresh-from-the-field sweet corn is to a Frito.) Or, if you're feeling particularly regal, partake of the enormous eight-course prix-fixe Kaiseki Teishoko-Otoshi dinner: your choice of sashimi or yakitori, plus beef teriyaki, yakisakana (broiled marinated salmon), shrimp and vegetable tempura, sunomono (a crabmeat salad), miso soup, oshinko (vegetable pickles), and green tea and rice--all prettily arrayed in comely dishes.


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