We really didn't want to do this--give two awards to one establishment. But if you're the sort that's willing to go out of your way for great fries, a trip to the Wienery, home of the Twin Cities' Best Hot Dog, is a must. Made from aged Idaho russets and sliced and cooked to order, proprietor Jerry Petermeier's fries come out crisp, caramel-tinged, and shimmery on the outside, succulent sweet and earthy on the inside. They're the Platonic ideal of a French fry, the fry to which all fries should be compared. The price is 89 cents for one potato's worth, $1.39 for a potato and a half. (Close seconds: cafe un deux trois's ultracrisp French French fries, which'll stand up to a fine Bordeaux; the Convention Grill's great big, potatoey perfect fries; and the Black Forest's veritable mounds of fries, which all but cry out for a tall beer and a table on the patio.)


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