A lot of longtime members were creeped out when the Wedge expanded to megamarket size. But it's hard to complain when your mouth is full, and Wedge shoppers' yaps are happily stuffed with the freshest, most widely varied produce around. Here you'll find vegetables you've never heard of (this year's new star: dinosaur kale! Looks like a lizard, tastes like a meaty spinach), plus varieties usually only found at a farmer's market (e.g., three kinds of beets and 10 kinds of apples). Management makes a nice effort to help with price concerns, and they'll stock an unpopular herb (mizuna) for a long while, until customers develop an appreciation for it. They also try to deal with as many local vendors as possible, indicating these with clear signage. All in all, it's enough to make the occasional $5 head of organic broccoli well worth it.


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