You're greeted by a glittering deli case filled with all the right treats: knishes both square and round, immense slabs of corned beef and pastrami, dangling salamis, kasha varnishkas, and beguiling pyramids of rugalach with various fillings. Slide into one of the enormous booths and peruse the menu while crunching on the gratis sour and half-sour pickles (trucked in from New York, no less!). Don't ignore the rich, meaty chicken soup (with your choice of matzoh balls, homemade egg noodles, or meat-filled kreplach) or the extraordinary stuffed cabbage (spicy, aromatic, studded with plump raisins and swimming in sweet-and-sour sauce). Not that you'll go wrong if you choose the sandwich route. If you don't look out the window at the big Minnetonka-size parking lot while you're eating, you'll swear you're in Brooklyn.


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