Yeah, we know that those who consider food co-ops to be a political statement as much as a culinary upgrade regard the Wedge as a den of iniquity run by capitalist pigs--hell, the place even has automatic doors, not to mention an expanded parking lot that displaced a few apartment dwellers. But if we limit our discussion to a vast assortment of healthy, delicious food, this is the place to shop. A trip to the Wedge can net you a salad comprising eight different organic fruits (in the dead of winter, no less); a self-made trail mix loaded with dried fruits, nuts, and carob bits; an assortment of grains, spices, vegetables, and condiments that will fill out the most exotic of recipes; and guilt-free indulgences such as carbonated fruit juices, vegan sweets, and fast-food dinners from the deli in back. As a bonus, staples such as dairy products and toiletries are priced reasonably enough that you won't have to make a second stop to complete your shopping list.


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