The news rockets through the skyways: "It's Devil's Tongue day! Brenda, I'll meet you at the Doughnut at 12!" "Dolores, did you hear? Devil's Tongue!" What are they talking about? They're talking about the intense vegetarian black bean and chipotle chili dished up every week or so at the Lone Doughnut, a little skyway place known for its homemade doughnuts and breadsticks. But chili is owner Mike Brantl's abiding passion, and on any given day you'll usually find at least two varieties, such as Tex-Mex 3-Bean Chicken Chili, Aunt Lena's (not-so-spicy) Ground Beef and Kidney Chili, Texas-Style Beef Chili, Vegan White Sands Cilantro Chili, and even Gator Stew (no gator meat, but rather shrimp gumbo with okra and potatoes). Think doughnuts and skyways don't sound so spicy? Wait 'til you try it and hold your tongue, you devil.


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