Forget about the sauce. Anyone can fool the palate with the sauce. Instead, think of the meat: That's where it's at. And for the past six years, no one in the Twin Cities has treated meat better than Scott Woolsey's little shack on the southern city limits. Pork ribs highlight the menu, which also includes mouthwatering chicken, a tender steak sandwich, a wonderfully messy barbecue pork sandwich, and, for heathens, a plump brat. The sweet pork ribs, speckled with peppery spice, are massaged over the coals until they all but slide off the bone. Then, to accent the flavor, mild, medium (hot), or hot (fiery) sauce is sparingly dispensed. But as with a good steak, the flesh itself is the treat, not the trimmings. As an added incentive, Scott Ja-Mama's cooks up better than average sides, including a sinfully cheesy twice-baked potato and baked beans soaked not in leftover barbecue sauce or ketchup, but in a rich, dark jus.


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