Bob Fitch and Molly Beckstrom run a fun orchard. They set up a petting zoo of neighborhood animals out front--two woolly sheep, a pygmy goat, sometimes even their pet African pygmy hedgehog gets thrown into the mix. A local farm kid offers rides on his pony (free with a peck of apples, a dollar otherwise). Bob runs a tractor for hayrides. But you've come for the apples. Perhaps you're looking for the perfect apple for sauce, in which case Molly will steer you to Haralsons. Or maybe it's pie you have in mind, in which case she's liable to recommend Firesides. If it's just a plain, unadorned eating apple you're after, don't pass up the HoneyCrisps--Homestead has a mature stand of trees that bear those hard-to-find, honey-scented jewels, and they're well worth their premium price (about $1.50 per pound as opposed to 90 cents for more run-of-the-orchard varieties).


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