Since 1902 there's been some form of arcade at 5th and Hennepin, and the current Pop's is still a favorite with local gamers. First of all, it's one of the few places in town open past 1 a.m. every day of the week, and on Friday and Saturday you can play 'til 3 in the morning if you're so inclined. Token-wise, where most Twin Cities arcades offer three or maybe four to the dollar, Pop's gives 25 for $5. The modern simulator games are few and far between, but Pop's does sport the newer likes of Area 51 as well as a lot of the older vids that gamers love to beat, like Mortal Kombat, Tetris, Crusin', and Terminator II, and a good selection of pinball games such as Twilight Zone and the Addams Family. Best of all, the joint's no-kids-during-school-time policy means that the games are pretty open at the lunch hour for work-related aggression release.


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