Talking heads simply aren't supposed to be hip. Or else they don't know how to be. Robyne Robinson, on the other hand, is the antithesis of what we've been taught to expect. She's got the immaculate poise and professionalism that being an anchor requires, but with one crucial detail: She's a broadcaster with personality who doesn't believe her own myth. In other words, she makes witty on-air asides under her breath and she's got great hair. Moreover, Robinson has recently become a virtual mascot for the local music and arts scene. She started by spotlighting genuine local culture in her entertainment segment The Buzz, which has quickly sent other channels scrambling to imitate. (Quite a concept: arts coverage on TV. What do you watch TV news for? The news?) In the last year, she's interviewed Prince, hosted two Minnesota Music Awards shows, and started a local art gallery out of her home. And she's consequently helped make the fourth-rated underdog Minnesota 9 News the one local show worth skipping ER for.


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