With a product name like Fudge Puppy, it's a wonder this concession draws any customers at all, much less last year's line, which frequently blocked access to the Food Building and the dozens of more exotic tidbits within it. But one taste of this ineptly named confection and you'll know nirvana on a stick. The Fudge Puppy is a Belgian waffle dipped first in Swiss chocolate, then rolled in crunchies, and finally topped with a dollop of whipped cream. It's just the right combination of fluffy inside, crispy outside, and creamy coating to serve as an antidote to the Pronto Pup you had near the main gate, the fried cheese curds you wolfed down on your way to the horticulture display, the lemonade you bought next to the Giant Slide, the emu jerky you should have bypassed in the poultry barn, and the two beers you had on the Midway.


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