In the same sassy way that Village Voice columnist Michael Musto takes shots at New York's rich and famous in "La Dolce Musto," web designer Rob Levine's free site lampoons the Twin Cities' wanna-be celebrity set--better known as The Media. Launched in February out of a Minneapolis warehouse space, combined vivid, cartoonish graphics with off-the-cuff writing in order to lampoon that fatuous fluff known as local broadcast news. The word spread fast. Within weeks contributor Mike Mosedale was exchanging spirited e-mails with KARE-11's Diana Pierce, who was intrigued by his cynical brand of media criticism. Now adding fresh features, graphic elements, and new links on a near-weekly basis, Levine is gearing up to take on everyone in the biz, from semi-talented radio jocks and overrated newspaper columnists to self-important alternative journalists. Already newsrooms around town are buzzing with rumors about the real identity of cursor's gossip columnist, who writes under the pen name Budd Rugg and has ribbed a number of newsies, including WCCO's Mark Rosen (gaining a little weight) and the Star Tribune's Kristin Tillotson (perfect face for a Betty Crocker box, he wrote). "They'll never find out who I am," Rugg tells CP with a sinister laugh. "I'm obsessed with them, but I'm not one of them." Which, of course, is the point.


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