Comic books are too often precious in the worst possible way: From the endless list of cover enhancements that offer gimmicks in place of graceful design (pop-up pictures, holograms, some godawful thing called Kirbychrome), it would seem that fanboys love comics but hate books. Thank Galactus for Vincent Stall, who's responding with a series of gorgeously produced mini-comics. Sure, his interiors alone are inspiring examples of a blossoming talent buoyed by a doting love of line and an indulgent use of oddball characters. But what's really stunning is the production: His handmade books make inventive use of two-color copies and unconventional bookbinding techniques--Yellow Paste, for example, is bound like a sideways matchbook--to create elegantly stunning packages for his stories. Never mind the multiple glow-in-the-dark covers of Return of the Death of the Marriage of Superman: Here, finally, are books worth coveting.


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