These days the least bottom line-minded theater in town books enough essential exclusives (e.g., Gabbeh, Gummo) and multiplex run-offs (Jackie Brown, Kundun) to keep things interesting--and, one hopes, solvent. As persistent rumors of their impending death prove premature on a weekly basis, the benefits of their survival are evident nearly as often, and twice a year profoundly with their Mpls./St. Paul International and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender festivals, whose collective 100 features include mostly those queer and foreign titles that could not be seen otherwise. This year U Film's typically global winter-quarter repertoire--including the long-awaited Underground, the four-film "French Watch" series, and popular-demand revivals of Jerusalem and Guantanamera--has reiterated their need to maintain relationships with that small handful of distributors who aren't sleeping with the enemy.


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