Okay, okay: So the two characters Duncan portrayed in Jar the Floor and A Raisin in the Sun are pretty much one and the same, with the Jar character simply a few years farther down the road to senility. No matter. Duncan hit almost every note perfectly in both roles, and when she wasn't cracking us up with her impeccable deadpan delivery and marvelous comic timing (especially strong in Jar the Floor, Cheryl West's generational drama), she made us swallow our tears with her artless pathos (see Raisin, Lorraine Hansberry's classic fable of African American family struggle). Other actresses in town have delivered roles of equal power (Annelise Christ in Hidden Theatre's Blue Window, Barbra Berlovitz in Theatre de la Jeune Lune's The Pursuit of Happiness), but none have surpassed Duncan's utterly flawless timing and ability to tap the very blood of her characters.


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