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  • Bengt Washburn

    published December 28, 2011

    This week, Bengt Washburn continues Acme Comedy Co.'s string of headliners who were also a part of the venue's 20th anniversary celebration this... More >>

  • Kjell Bjorgen

    published December 21, 2011

    Hang on to your purses ladies, because interesting things happen when Kjell Bjorgen steps onstage. The Minnesota native began his career in Los... More >>

  • Derek Hughes

    published December 14, 2011

    True magic is often anchored to physical locations, growing stronger over time. This truth is evident when magician/comedian Derek Hughes performs... More >>

  • Henry Phillips

    published October 19, 2011

    Songwriting comedian Henry Phillips recorded his previous two albums at Acme Comedy Co. This week he's coming back. His first visit was as Doug... More >>

  • Louis Katz

    published October 12, 2011

    When he was in third grade, comedian Louis Katz had two of his jokes shared on air by Johnny Carson. While having his words read by the King of... More >>

  • Trailer Park Boys: Drunk, High and Unemployed Tour

    published September 28, 2011

    Since mockumentaries have been around for quite a while, someone probably used the genre's tropes and techniques on television before the... More >>

  • Anthony Jeselnik

    published September 21, 2011

    Anthony Jeselnik tells jokes that take guts. In a voice that's faintly evocative of a young Christopher Walken, the Pittsburgh native builds his... More >>

  • Maria Bamford

    published September 14, 2011

    Good comedians are funny in different ways at different times. Great comedians are funny in different ways all at once. Maria Bamford is one of... More >>

  • Tim Harmston

    published September 7, 2011

    As a child growing up in western Wisconsin, Tim Harmston was taught to avoid tooting his own horn. It's a lesson he has learned almost too... More >>

  • Dana Gould

    published May 18, 2011

    Dana Gould is the Wolfman. In addition to touring the country building material for a follow-up to his 2009 DVD, Let Me Put My... More >>

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