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  • Power of Repetition

    published December 24, 1997

    HAVING FINALLY GOTTEN my hands on the monumental 10-CD Steve Reich box, Works 1965-1995 (Nonesuch), I wasn't surprised... More >>

  • Boogie Nights

    published December 3, 1997

    I'VE NEVER CROWD-SURFED. And I haven't stage-dived, either. As a guy who has always found dancing pretty integral to my... More >>

  • Roll 'Em

    published November 19, 1997

    Getting high on film: A documentary of sorts explores the freedom of passing a fatty. More >>

  • Jesus Christ, Superstar

    published November 12, 1997

    IN 1 CORINTHIANS, that party-pooping apostle Paul articulates an ongoing problem with Christian rock. "If anyone speaks in... More >>

  • Scoring

    published October 15, 1997

    THE LATE DIRECTOR Federico Fellini once described music as cruel. "It stuffs you with nostalgia and regret," he wrote,... More >>

  • Cracker Barrel

    published October 8, 1997

    Richard Dyer White Routledge IT'S AN ODD time for Whitey. Perhaps for the first... More >>

  • CMJ '97

    published September 10, 1997

    --New York BOASTING PERFORMANCES BY more than 1,000 bands--most of which you will mercifully never... More >>

  • Star Child

    published September 10, 1997

    John F. Szwed Space is the Place: The Lives and Times of Sun Ra Pantheon ONE CAN... More >>

  • Strangely Arranged: Volume 1

    published July 9, 1997

    Various Artists Strangely Arranged: Volume 1 Communique IN HER "CULTURE Zone" column in last... More >>

  • MUSIC: Dick Hyman / Perrey & Kingsley

    published June 25, 1997

    Dick Hyman Moog: The Eclectic Electrics of Dick Hyman Varése Sarabande/MCA More >>

  • Birds On A Wire- THE JAYHAWKS

    published June 4, 1997

    THERE'S A TALL, GREEN, HALF-naked man standing just off the side of Hwy. 169 between the Twin Cities and Mankato. The familiar... More >>

  • Mark Eitzel and Richard Buckner

    published May 14, 1997

    Mark Eitzel West Warner Bros. Richard Buckner Devotion and... More >>

  • Country Girls and City Women by Najat Aatabu

    published April 16, 1997

    Istikhara/Rounder IN SEPARATE INCIDENTS a few years back in Oran, Algeria, Islamic... More >>

  • Gray's Anatomy

    published April 9, 1997

    Spalding Gray's latest filmic monologue chronicles his affliction with an eye disorder known as a macula pucker, and the ends to which he goes to... More >>

  • Sold Out

    published March 19, 1997

    "I HAD TO just call to say I'm outraged, y'know?" began the phone message. "Is it true? REV-105 is actually gone? And now it's... More >>

  • Austin City Unlimited

    published March 19, 1997

    IT MIGHT BE partly projection after a tough week on the local music scene, but the celebration/dealfest that is Austin's South By Southwest... More >>

  • The Importance of Being Earnest

    published March 5, 1997

    In the opening lines of Invisible Republic, his soon-to-be-published book on the making of Bob Dylan's "basement tapes" recordings, Greil... More >>

  • Circuit Cities

    published February 17, 1997

    If you came of age during the glory years of local rock and funk, watching the rise of the Replacements, Hüsker Dü, and Prince, you... More >>

  • Woody McBride

    published February 17, 1997

    Woody McBride stands in front of the small clapboard house where he runs Communique Records, squinting into the sun. He's discussing... More >>

  • Plugged In

    published February 17, 1997

    "The day will come," says electronica poster boy DJ Spooky, "when every kid on the block will have two turntables and a mixer,... More >>

  • Sukpatch

    published February 17, 1997

    "Every review we get has the word 'bedroom' in it,'" complains Sukpatch singer Escrow. "Don't use that word. I don't know what that means,... More >>

  • Talk of the Town

    published January 29, 1997

    "I READ SOMETHING not long ago about the character of Minnesotans," recalls Two Cities editor Kevin... More >>


    published January 15, 1997

    The Congos Heart of the Congos (Blood and Fire) This may well be producer Lee Perry's masterpiece, in addition to being one of the most... More >>


    published January 15, 1997

    Mary Margaret O'Hara Miss America (Koch)Sun RaThe... More >>


    published January 15, 1997

    Rome Rome (Thrill Jockey) Another bunch of Chicago instrumental "rockers" who made a record I enjoyed nearly as much as Tortoise's... More >>

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