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  • 5 years ago | Film Reviews

    This year's Academy Award-nominated shorts at the Lagoon Cinema offer a little something for every viewing temperament, though in 2012 the best bet is in the animated category. In the live-action field, first up is "Pentecost," a forgettable comed...

  • 6 years ago | Film Reviews

    In past years, the theatrical release of the Oscar-nominated live-action and animated shorts has provided a fun peek into intriguing bite-size cinema from across the globe. But for the 2011 edition, the series is at last making room for the five n...

  • It's hard to know what Dwayne Johnson has less faith in: his talent or his audience. Though hardly a comedic dynamo, Johnson has generated laughs with his easygoing charm in forgettable studio products like Get Smart and Planet 51,...

  • 7 years ago | Film and TV

    Because they're crafted outside the Holly­wood system, you might assume that this year's Oscar-nominated live-action and animated shorts stand in sharp defiance to conventional mainstream cinema. But the best of these 10 entries are, in some w...

  • 8 years ago | Film Reviews

    Nobody in the film industry wants to be pigeonholed. Personal assistants long to be studio heads, gaffers want to direct, and name actors fantasize about hanging it up and doing something that, y'know, matters. In such an environment, director Ran...

  • 8 years ago | Film Reviews

    STREET KINGSdirected by David Ayerarea theaters, starts FridayFor a movie built around questions of failed ethics and duplicitous behavior, Street Kings is just as dishonest as its characters. Though conceived as yet another sobering frontline rep...


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