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1997 Stories by Terri Sutton

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  • Suns of God

    published December 24, 1997

    EARLIER THIS MONTH, I attended In the Heart of the Beast Puppet Theatre's production of The Hunt, an updated Nativity... More >>

  • His Better Half

    published December 24, 1997

    On the Straight and Narrow: Matt Damon and Robin Williams star in Good Will Hunting. More >>

  • By The Book

    published November 26, 1997

    An interesting challenge: to write a book about a people's difficulty in looking past class sensibility. Radway's effort, A Feeling for... More >>

  • Go Ahead, Make Me Gay

    published November 26, 1997

    How the Other Half Lives: John Cusack and Kevin Spacey in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. More >>

  • Promise Keepers

    published October 29, 1997

    Catching a Cold: Kevin Kline and Joan Allen in The Ice Storm. More >>

  • Generation Next

    published October 15, 1997

    ON AT LEAST one spikey subject, the new tome Trouble Girls: The Rolling Stone Book of Women in Rock (to which this... More >>

  • From Reverence to Rage

    published October 1, 1997

    A discussion about the Walker's Lange retrospective with none other than Jessica Lange herself. More >>

  • Rows of Corn

    published September 17, 1997

    Holding Court: Jessica Lange, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Jennifer Jason Leigh in Jocelyn Moorhouse's A Thousand Acres. More >>

  • Season of the Bitch

    published September 3, 1997

    SUMMER IS A hard season for despair. Especially in Minnesota, land of five million slow-motion manic-depressives--many of whom... More >>

  • Kick 'Em When They're Down

    published August 20, 1997

    G.I. Jane area theaters, starts Friday MIDWAY THROUGH G.I. Jane,... More >>

  • Wipe the Clock

    published August 13, 1997

    I SPENT THIS weekend catching up with old comrades: I finally saw John Woo's Face/Off, finally listened to Son Volt's... More >>

  • Content-less Provider

    published July 23, 1997

    I HAVE A favorite song. I'm listening to pop radio, for the first time since I was 13, in order to hear it. I've decided not... More >>

  • Storming Heaven's Gate

    published July 2, 1997

    Amber Coverdale Sumrall and Patrice Vecchione, editors Storming Heaven's Gate: An... More >>

  • Into the Rapture, Part Two

    published April 30, 1997

    FROM THE START, I so needed to feel this thing called "rapture" that I misused it. I kept going back, a bliss addict, to the... More >>

  • Into the Rapture

    published April 16, 1997

    THERE'S A STORY we tell ourselves about youth: When we were young, the story begins, we danced all night, drank 'til we... More >>

  • Enraged and In Love

    published April 2, 1997

    The hallways of San Francisco's Fillmore Auditorium are papered with '60s-show posters, their curlicue lines and letters... More >>

  • In the Name of the Father

    published March 12, 1997

    IF GENDER WAS not so burdened with historical meaning, I might have enjoyed Lars von Trier's parable of faith and cinema,... More >>

  • Margin Walking

    published March 12, 1997

    Mary Gaitskill Because They Wanted To: Stories Simon & Schuster More >>

  • Jungle Vibe Collective

    published February 17, 1997

    When local promoters and performers the Jungle Vibe Collective talk about drum'n'bass, they see this "revolutionary" music taking over the world.... More >>

  • Bennies From Heaven

    published February 12, 1997

    ONE EVENING WHEN I was 15, I fell from a chin-up bar in our basement and landed on my head. In an hour or two I had a... More >>

  • Romance and Reflections

    published January 22, 1997

    Jane Campion's The Portrait of a Lady may be seen as a corrective to her [1993] film The Piano--or at least to... More >>

  • Talking Political Blues

    published January 22, 1997

    IRIS DEMENT SINGS from the stage of the Fine Line with a curl to her lips, tearing off choppy guitar chords and rhymed social critique. "We got... More >>

  • Listening in Tongues

    published January 15, 1997

    Lately, I've been thinking about the ways people listen to music: on headphones; from car speakers; at clubs; at home while getting dressed,... More >>

  • Pride and Prejudice video

    published January 1, 1997

    A & E Home VideoNow that filmmakers have left the Arch Age of Jane Austen for the Awkward Age of... More >>

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