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1998 Stories by Tad Simons

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  • Mysteries of Pittsburgh

    published May 20, 1998

    Good times: Canewell (Russel Andrews) and Floyd Barton (David Alan Anderson) dream of bringing the blues to Chicago in August Wilson's Seven... More >>

  • The Song Remains the Same

    published April 29, 1998

    Wok on the mild side: Lotis Key and Soon-Tek Oh star in Theater Mu's tepid take on the American Dream More >>

  • Paint It White

    published March 25, 1998

    Playwright Syl Jones updates the 1930s race novel Black No More as a wildly satiric, off-color joke. More >>

  • Tense Past

    published March 18, 1998

    Just when you think you've got a grip on why Uncle Ed had two children out of wedlock and drank himself to death, along comes Aunt Edna with the... More >>

  • Play Against Type

    published February 25, 1998

    Dancing in the Street: A rarely produced play by Lorraine Hansberry shows the small man behind the most principled activist in the world. More >>

  • Something Wilde

    published February 18, 1998

    University Theatre brings conspicuous wit and charming irreverence to an Oscar Wilde classic. More >>

  • Lesser Mores

    published January 28, 1998

    I Killed My Father...Now Kiss Me!: Christy Mahon More >>

  • The Pilgrim's Progress

    published January 14, 1998

    Six Feet High and Rising: Storyteller Jim Stowell takes measure of water under the bridge in Three Rivers Meeting. More >>

Archives: 1998 | 1997