Tad Simons

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  • 17 years ago | Theater

    Good times: Canewell (Russel Andrews) and Floyd Barton (David Alan Anderson) dream of bringing the blues to Chicago in August Wilson's Seven Guitars

  • 18 years ago | Theater

    Wok on the mild side: Lotis Key and Soon-Tek Oh star in Theater Mu's tepid take on the American Dream

  • 18 years ago | Theater

    Playwright Syl Jones updates the 1930s race novel Black No More as a wildly satiric, off-color joke.

  • 18 years ago | Theater

    Just when you think you've got a grip on why Uncle Ed had two children out of wedlock and drank himself to death, along comes Aunt Edna with the news that everything anyone ever said about ol' Ed is a lie.

  • 18 years ago | Theater

    Dancing in the Street: A rarely produced play by Lorraine Hansberry shows the small man behind the most principled activist in the world.

  • 18 years ago | Theater

    University Theatre brings conspicuous wit and charming irreverence to an Oscar Wilde classic.


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