Sue Rich

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  • 18 years ago | Books

    Two Minneapolis men say a Walgreen photo clerk wrongly fingered them as child pornographers.

  • 18 years ago | Media

    County officials such as job developer Dana Woods offer businesses "packaged and presentable" workers--with subsidies attached.

  • 19 years ago | Media

    Minneapolis stands ready to kick in tax dollars for Honeywell's redevelopment.

  • 19 years ago | Media

    THERE WAS A time when Hennepin County had a national reputation for services to victims of rape and sexual assault. The county pioneered the widely copied Domestic Abuse Program, an advocacy service housed in the county attorney's office; and it u...

  • 19 years ago | Media

    VOUCHERS, TAX CREDITS, desegregation, and the future of janitorial responsibilities--the ideological battle surrounding education reform comes in all shapes and sizes. There were no banner headlines recently when the state Department of Boiler Ins...

  • 19 years ago | Media

    The record 1,700 bicyclists expected to trek the more than 470 miles in next week's Twin Cities-to-Chicago AIDSRide II have been told they'll raise more than $2 million to fight the AIDS epidemic. But an examination of public documents filed by th...


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