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1997 Stories by Steve Perry

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  • Her Own Petard

    published June 25, 1997

    SUMMERTIME IN Minneapolis, and the thoughts of the citizenry are turning again to urban crime. The city is prepared; it has... More >>

  • Children Last

    published April 30, 1997

    YEARS FROM NOW, when people are moved to wonder how Americans sold so many basic liberties down the river so cheaply, they... More >>

  • Taking the Third

    published April 9, 1997

    A FEDERAL INVESTIGATION currently underway at the Minneapolis Police Department may shed unprecedented light on some of the department's darker... More >>

  • The Short Goodbye

    published March 19, 1997

    DOWN THROUGH THE years there has been more than a little animosity between City Pages and the late Twin Cities Reader, off the page and... More >>

  • Casualties of War

    published February 26, 1997

    THE CLINTON YEARS are one Republican déjà vu after another. Now, once again, comes Weed & Seed, the Bush-era PR... More >>

  • Sold!

    published February 17, 1997

    BY NOW, IF you pay any attention at all to the dailies, you know that City Pages is being purchased by Stern Publishing, the New York-based... More >>

  • Motel 1600 Revisited

    published February 12, 1997

    I COMMEND TO your attention two polls that appeared this past Sunday. The Los Angeles Times reported that Bill Clinton is enjoying the highest... More >>

  • Getting Well Off Welfare

    published February 5, 1997

    THE NATIONAL GOVERNORS' conference passed this week without any unbecoming public fuss about the details of welfare reform as it will be practiced... More >>

  • The Eyes of JonBenet Ramsey

    published January 29, 1997

    THE PICTURES OF JonBenet Ramsey that have filled television screens and tabloid covers since her murder--hundreds of them, it seems, every one... More >>

  • Morning in America

    published January 22, 1997

    WAS EVER AN inaugural address more swelled by the empty rhetorical flourish than Clinton's howdy-do to the nation on Monday? In its stilted... More >>

  • Inside Baseball

    published January 15, 1997

    WHATEVER ELSE IT proves to be, the pending deal between the Twins and the state of Minnesota is one of the more fascinating chapters in the... More >>

  • The Least and the Slightest

    published January 8, 1997

    BY THE TIME you read this, Newt Gingrich will have been re-elected speaker of the House. It won't be the end of his troubles. In purely... More >>

  • Conspiracy Nation

    published January 1, 1997

    IN ONE OF those fits of examination to which all media are prone in the waning weeks of the year, Newsweek has discerned a crisis of faith... More >>

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