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1996 Stories by Steve Perry

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  • The rumor that won't go away.

    published December 25, 1996

    A MOUNTING BUZZ around Washington and Minnesota alike has Paul Wellstone examining seriously the prospect of running for... More >>

  • Dicks in Our Stockings

    published December 18, 1996

    IN THE SPIRIT of the season, I feel it my duty to plead for clemency on behalf of the Dicks of Roseville. The Dicks--dentist Gerald Dick, his... More >>

  • Whither Wellstone?

    published December 11, 1996

    IT WAS GOOD to see Paul Wellstone re-elected last month, but let's not kid ourselves. Measured by what he went to Washington to do, Wellstone's... More >>

  • Race Cards

    published December 4, 1996

    NOW THAT A special investigator is on the case, it will be a while before the fight over the Hennepin County Public Defender's office is... More >>

  • The Anti-Elvis

    published November 6, 1996

    WHERE ELECTORAL POLITICS is concerned, one is bound to be a cynic or a fool these days. There is very little chance to be anything else. The... More >>

  • Wellstone's Worries

    published October 30, 1996

    THESE DAYS THERE is a genuinely ebullient mood around the Wellstone For Senate offices, a spirit that has not been harmed in the least by the... More >>


    published October 30, 1996

              It is Paul Wellstone's peculiar gift to cause people to underestimate him over and... More >>

  • A Day in the Life

    published October 23, 1996

              DAVID MARTIN WENT calling at his grandfather's house in the Summit-University... More >>

  • Field of Scams

    published October 16, 1996

              AS PRIVATE THIEVERY from the public purse goes, there are certainly more grave... More >>

  • Reborn in the USA

    published October 9, 1996

              "All you folks with old favorites you wanna hear can just relax," Bruce Springsteen... More >>

  • Guess Who's (Not) Coming to Dinner

    published October 2, 1996

              LAST WEDNESDAY MORNING local talk radio was up in arms over a soul/hip hop show the... More >>


    published October 2, 1996

              "I never felt it was important to do this picture shit,"... More >>

  • Saving America From Politics

    published September 25, 1996

    THE MOST RESONANT soundbite of the presidential campaign thus far--a koan for contemporary politics, really--was uttered by... More >>

  • Listening For God

    published September 18, 1996

              Stephen Mitchell first gained a measure of popular attention in 1991 owing to the... More >>

  • Friendly Fire?

    published September 18, 1996

    CRUISING THE INTERNET in the past few days to follow the discussions of the CIA-Contra crack connection recounted here last week has given me a... More >>

  • The US government and the Compton-Contra connection.

    published September 11, 1996

    THAT THE CENTRAL Intelligence Agency regularly sponsored the smuggling of drugs and guns all through the 1980s is hardly a secret anymore, but... More >>


    published September 11, 1996

    resolved to avoid the conventions this year, and for the most part, I kept my vow. Apart from the major speeches, so-called, I broke down only... More >>

  • The Age of Dread

    published August 7, 1996

    I WAS TALKING with a friend one day last week when he happened to drop this factoid into the conversation: You realize, he said, that panic and... More >>

  • The Little City That Couldn't

    published July 3, 1996

               THE SUNDAY NEW York Times piece on Minneapolis was so chock-full of commonplaces... More >>

  • Eleanor Roosevelt can't help her.

    published June 26, 1996

    Hillary: I Am Not a CrookAS THE LITANY of books and congressional investigations looking into the affairs of the First... More >>

  • Bob & Weave

    published June 12, 1996

               LAST TUESDAY MINNEAPOLIS Police Chief Bob Olson held a press conference to... More >>

  • Bill Clinton's politics of meaning.

    published May 29, 1996

    Bill Clinton's politics of meaning.Four More YearsTHERE IS NO more damning comment on the state of politics and public life than the... More >>

  • Anchors Awry

    published May 22, 1996

    THE GOOD NEWS about TV news is that audience-tracking technology has all but rendered sweeps periods obsolete except as a matter of custom. Or... More >>

  • Black and Blue at the MPD

    published April 17, 1996

    RACIAL TENSIONS CONTINUE to abound at the Minneapolis Police Department. Last week the Crisis Response Team, a special unit of black cops created... More >>

  • Hate Mail II

    published April 10, 1996

    THE LETTER SCRAWLED on Minneapolis Police Department stationery that arrived at City Council member Brian Herron's office last week followed so... More >>

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