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1995 Stories by Steve Perry

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  • Bailey's Blues

    published December 20, 1995

    Which seemed appropriate, because there's a sense in which it wasn't completed until the 1980s--the audience it needed to make... More >>

  • Bill of Wrongs

    published December 13, 1995

    WHILE THE MEDIA'S gaze remains fixed on a budget impasse unsurpassed in its cynicism--a fight the Republicans have already... More >>

  • Spare Parts

    published December 6, 1995

    "I ran for president in 1992 to restore the American Dream for all our people, to bring the American people together, and to... More >>

  • Can I Get a Witness?

    published December 6, 1995

    "I USED TO think I knew exactly where I was going," Bruce Springsteen told the crowd at Chicago's Rosemont Theatre Sunday... More >>

  • Naftashock

    published November 29, 1995

    AS THE SECOND anniversary of NAFTA presses near, its impact is at last becoming a matter of record. The report card reflects... More >>

  • The Art of the Poll

    published November 15, 1995

    AFTER A RECENT New York Times poll attesting to the growing disrepute of the Contract With America, the Speaker of the House... More >>

  • Powellmania

    published November 8, 1995

    THINK OF COLIN Powell as the great pacifier. His style's the thing. The idea of Powell is the idea of order, deliberation, calm, sanity:... More >>

  • Vanishing Point

    published November 1, 1995

    OCCASIONALLY AN ANGRY reader will call or write to ask how I dare say so many nasty things about respectable people and... More >>

  • The Omen

    published October 25, 1995

    THERE'S A RIPPLE of panic at the top of the food chain in St. Paul. One of Mayor Norm Coleman's chief aides has taken a leave of absence to... More >>

  • Farrakhan's Moment

    published October 18, 1995

    ON SUNDAY THE news cameras were out stalking the Capitol Mall and points west in anticipation of the Million Man March,... More >>

  • The Verdict

    published October 4, 1995

    I WOULD LIKE to feel outraged at the verdict in the O.J. Simpson case, but I only feel cheap at the thought of living in a country where it... More >>

  • Steve Perry

    Soul Asylum's Dan Murphy thinks the band is making the best music it's ever made--and wonders if it's worth it anymore

    published July 12, 1995

    In the beginning it was Dan Murphy's band, and a kid named Dave Pirner was tring to cut it as a drummer. But that was a long time ago—12... More >>

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