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    Little Lifeboats takes on race, representation, and casting

    published Sep 04, 2014

    Little Lifeboats takes on issues of race and representation in a new play, titled Raise Your Voice (Suzanne Cross): That F---ing Harriet Tubman Play. Written by Abby Swafford, who is a member and co-f... More >>

  • Broadway Day

    published August 27, 2014

    Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, an advocacy group that has worked on community and civic engagement for citizens in north Minneapolis, is an... More >>


    Crystal Quinn and Oakley Tapola take over SOOlocal

    published Sep 03, 2014

    SOOlocal, Soo Visual Art Center's outlet space at Nicollet Avenue and 35th Street, has been busy these days with a new series, called Equinox, curated by Crystal Quinn and Oakley Tapola. The pair, who... More >>


    Somali pop-up gallery holds performance event this weekend

    published Aug 29, 2014

    If you haven't yet had a chance to check out the Somali Artifact and Cultural Museum's pop-up gallery downtown, this weekend is your chance. The space, co-curated by the Museum and Made Here, opened e... More >>


    Off-Leash Area launches their annual neighborhood garage tour

    published Aug 28, 2014

    Off-Leash Area brings their popular neighborhood garage tour back for their fifth season this weekend. The show, Stripe & Spot (Learn to) Get Along, will travel to various suburbs and towns before... More >>


    Pleasure Rebel aims to subvert at Bryant-Lake Bowl

    published Aug 27, 2014

    Pleasure Rebel, a subversive performance series at Bryant-Lake Bowl, is expanding in scope by bringing in an out-of-town artist. Qilo Matzen, a Bay Area dancer and improviser, will be joining two up-a... More >>

  • My Horrifying Youth

    published August 20, 2014

    Everyone has had that moment, perhaps more than once, when they completely embarrassed themselves during their teen years. Given the incubator of... More >>


    August Strindberg's old-school selfies at the American Swedish Institute

    published Aug 25, 2014

    You may think of the selfie as a relatively new invention to arise in the age of Facebook and Instagram, but it turns out the practice has been going on for quite some time, way before cell phones. In... More >>

  • Open Streets Minneapolis: Franklin

    published August 13, 2014

    After three successful events this summer, Open Streets Minneapolis is still going strong. This Sunday, the event comes to Franklin Avenue East,... More >>


    "On Fertile Ground" puts spotlight on Native artists from the Midwest

    published Aug 20, 2014

    All My Relations Gallery sets out to showcase the wealth of talent coming from American Indian artists living in Minnesota and our neighboring states with a new exhibition called "On Fertile Ground: N... More >>


    Gamut Gallery's CoLab Art Night offers an "art nightclub experience"

    published Aug 19, 2014

    There are plenty of events around town where you can socialize while looking at cool art, but Gamut Gallery takes the idea one step further. CoLab Art Nights offers a party-like atmosphere where guest... More >>


    The Big Lowdown hits Lowertown this weekend

    published Aug 15, 2014

    The gang at Bedlam Theatre is taking over Lowertown this weekend for The Big Lowdown: Lowertown Playground, an evening of games and performances presented in collaboration with Placebase Productions. ... More >>


    The Floating Library sets sail on Cedar Lake

    published Aug 14, 2014

    Nothing says summer like hanging out with a good book by the water, but what to do if you don't have reading material handy? That's no problem, because you can just paddle out to the Floating Library ... More >>

  • Feeling the City

    published August 6, 2014

    Every day, city dwellers navigate through an urban landscape of cars, bicycles, pedestrians, bridges, manholes, stoplights, and buildings large... More >>


    Rhythmically Speaking returns for its sixth year of rhythm-based dance

    published Aug 13, 2014

    Rhythmically Speaking, an evening showcase of choreographers working with jazz and rhythm forms of dance, is back for its sixth year this weekend. Performing at the Southern Theater, the showcase feat... More >>


    Garrett Perry's distorted whimsy

    published Aug 08, 2014

    There's some kind of magical place artist Garrett Perry must know about. It's a place with rainbows and animal people, dancing musicians and floating heads. If you go there, you might get lost in all ... More >>


    Andrea Carlson's Ink Babel opens at Bockley

    published Aug 07, 2014

    Storytelling, cinema, and giant pigs are part of a new work by artist Andrea Carlson, on view at Bockley Gallery beginning this weekend. Shown in exhibition with several smaller, related pieces, the g... More >>

  • As You Like It

    published July 2, 2014

    Nothing says summer like a warm night with a cool breeze enjoyed while taking in an outdoor play. One of the best spots in the Twin Cities metro... More >>


    Dead Media: Books, records, and posters the old-school way

    published Aug 06, 2014

    Do you ever feel nostalgic for the days when people read books that were printed on paper, or when you could hold an album cover in your hand instead of just viewing it on a screen? Do you like the ta... More >>

  • All City Poetry Slam

    published July 23, 2014

    The World Cup may be over, but another big competition is about to begin, as poets from all over the country are gearing up for the 2014 National... More >>


    Don't You Feel it Too? Dancing for Marriage Equality

    published Aug 01, 2014

    Can you believe it's been a year since Minnesota passed Marriage Equality? How does it make you feel? Perhaps you feel like dancing? Well, you're in luck. To mark the occasion Don't You Feel it Too? (... More >>


    "Tracks in the Snow" highlights Muslim experience in Minnesota

    published Jul 31, 2014

    A traveling exhibit about the Muslim experience in Minnesota opens today at the Walker Art Center for a week-long run in the museum's Medtronic Gallery. Called "Tracks in the Snow: The Minnesota Musli... More >>


    Women's Prison Book Project hosts a sale this weekend

    published Jul 29, 2014

    For 20 years, the Minneapolis-based Women's Prison Book Project (WPBP) has been providing reading material for women and trans inmates all over the country. Once a part of the former Arise! Bookstore,... More >>


    "Radical Presence" opens at the Walker Art Center

    published Jul 24, 2014

    "Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art," an exhibit that looks at the role of African American performance artists in contemporary art, opens at the Walker Art Center tonight. Minnea... More >>

  • One Day in July

    published July 16, 2014

    The 1934 Teamsters strike was a bloody battle that happened in Minneapolis during the Great Depression. It ended with 200 injuries and four... More >>

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