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  • Katha Dance Theatre

    published November 9, 2011

    North Indian Kathak dance and gospel music might not be the most obvious things to combine, but Katha Dance Theatre and Robert Robinson Music are... More >>

  • WOMN: Women in Minnesota Design

    published October 26, 2011

    For "WOMN: Women in Minnesota Design," the College of Visual Arts is honoring female graphic designers who have put Minnesota on the map. Things... More >>

  • 'Pace Prints, NYC' at Burnet Gallery

    published Nov 16, 2011

    ​If you haven't already, you really should hop over to the Burnet Gallery, housed at Le Méridien Chambers Hotel, for its gem of a show assembled by Pace Prints, a dealer and publisher of contempora... More >>

  • Brant Miller on 'Skinner Box'

    published Nov 15, 2011

    ​Brant Miller, a company member of Four Humors Theater, had the initial seed of an idea for The Skinner Box during his Introduction to Sociology class in college. His class watched a documentary abo... More >>

  • 'Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?' camp screening at BLB

    published Nov 11, 2011

    ​​David Hanbury, known both as his alter ego, the hilarious Mrs. Smith, and for his acting roles around town, is embarking in a new direction with his Women in Crisis Film Series, the second insta... More >>

  • 'Bonjour, Japon' at the MIA

    published Nov 10, 2011

    ​​These days we are more globally connected than ever. Information, ideas, and images can be transferred instantly thanks to the internet, cell phones, and increased travel. Historians don't all a... More >>

  • Bosso Poetry Company celebrates its third anniversary at Dusty's Bar

    published Nov 09, 2011

    ​Bosso Poetry Company is the exact opposite of a high-brow, snooty poetry reading. The monthly series takes place at Dusty's Bar in northeast Minneapolis, an old-school, blue-collar dive where the b... More >>

  • Merce Cunningham: A legacy

    published Nov 04, 2011

    ​While the likes of Emily Dickinson, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, and other artists throughout the course of time didn't achieve notoriety until after their deaths, there have been some lucky few... More >>

  • Broc Blegen's got some big ideas

    published Nov 03, 2011

    Visual artist Bloc Blegen has been busy since the demise of 1419, the interdisciplinary art space he co-founded which was shut down by the city last March. He has since graduated from the U of M with ... More >>

  • School House Craft Fair: Local design and crafts to benefit school library

    published Nov 02, 2011

    ​Jewelry of all kinds, mittens made from recycled fabrics, delectable treats, upcycled fashion, graphic design, and much more will be on display at Armatage Montessori on Friday and Saturday for the... More >>

  • Myron Johnson takes a swan song

    published Oct 28, 2011

    ​​Ballet of the Dolls' Myron Johnson has been onstage for 50 years, and he's marking the occasion with a solo show. This weekend, the Dolls' opens its season with Songs for a Swan, a work that's g... More >>

  • 'Graphic Design: Now in Production' at the Walker

    published Oct 27, 2011

    "​​Graphic Design: Now in Production" is a gigantic exhibition at the Walker Art Center that explores the world of graphic design over the past decade. The show encompasses examples in the form of... More >>

  • Mero Cocinero Karimi's life changing, delicious kitchen at Intermedia Arts

    published Oct 26, 2011

    ​So, who exactly is Mero Cocinero Karimi, the Iranian/Guatemalan host of Viva Las Roots, a pop-up performance kitchen that's spicing things up at Intermedia Arts? Well, he looks and sounds remarkabl... More >>

  • John Alspach at the Gallery @ Fox Tax

    published Oct 21, 2011

    ​There's something very non-arty about John Alspach's recent work, now on display at The Gallery @ Fox Tax, and that is what is so great about it. You know how they say art imitates life? Well, Alsp... More >>

  • Chris Schlichting at the Ivy Building for the Arts

    published Oct 20, 2011

    ​This weekend, choreographer Christopher Schlichting will present a few new pieces featuring an all-star roster of local dancers and artists. The evenings include a new quartet, a solo Schlicting pe... More >>

  • Native Pride Dancers

    published October 12, 2011

    This weekend, Native Pride Dancers will be taking over the stage at the Cowles Center for Dancing Through Life, an evening of... More >>

  • A Gift for Planet BX63

    published October 12, 2011

    This weekend, Off-Leash Area launches the second year of its garage tour, seeking to provide quality artistic programming to suburban communities... More >>

  • Barebones opens its Halloween extravaganza this weekend

    published Oct 19, 2011

    ​This weekend, Barebones is back with its 18th annual Halloween puppet extravaganza, braving the weather at Hidden Falls Regional Park in a celebration of the life and death cycles. This year's show... More >>

  • Richard Barlow and the manipulation of meaning

    published Oct 14, 2011

    ​In "A Crow's Nest," an exhibition of work by Richard Barlow at Macalester College, the artist manipulates meaning in five different series that include letterpress prints, drawings, etchings, monop... More >>

  • A Gift for Planet BX63

    published October 5, 2011

    This weekend, Off-Leash Area launches the second year of its garage tour, seeking to provide quality artistic programming to suburban communities... More >>

  • Amiri Baraka to perform in Tru Ruts' Production of Wise Why's Y's

    published Oct 13, 2011

    ​​Amiri Baraka, an influential and controversial poet, playwright, and essayist, perhaps most famous for his play Dutchman, will be performing this Saturday in Tru Ruts' Freestyle Theatre's take o... More >>

  • Co-Kisser Poetry Film Festival

    published October 5, 2011

    Last December, local poet and founder of Co-Kisser Films Jen March presented a live-action film she made with her friend Peter Hogan based on a... More >>

  • Mark Tang talks about 'Open Season'

    published Oct 12, 2011

    ​This Saturday at the Third Place Gallery, Wing Young Huie's new photography gallery, filmmaker Mark Tang will discuss his documentary, co-directed by Lu Lippold, Open Season. The documentary takes ... More >>

  • Postracializationalism

    published September 7, 2011

    This weekend XYandZ Gallery will open "Postracializationalism," a new exhibition by Nate Young about how we think and construct ideas. In the... More >>

  • MNFashion Week: MNFashion Week: Fresh Traditions

    published October 5, 2011

    Fresh Traditions, an annual fashion show benefitting the Center for Hmong Arts and Talent (CHAT), joins MNFashion Week this Friday as it showcases... More >>

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