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  • 1 day ago | Art

    As a photographer who is passionate about social justice causes, Anna Min is always one the scene. Whether it’s a protest, an arts entrepreneurship conference, a trans march or a community event, Min is there, though you may not see her- at 5’5’’,...

  • 3 days ago | Art

    Minneapolis is gaga for the work of Kobra, a Brazilian artist who has set up shop on Hennepin Avenue and Fifth Street, making a ginormous mural that so far features three motley-patterned visages of Bob Dylan’s face at various stages of his career...

  • 3 days ago | LGBTQ

    Last February, Claire Avitabile, Artistic Director of 20% Theatre, approached actress Mykel Pennington and asked her if she had ever thought about doing a one woman show. “I said I would never write one but I would be in one!” Pennington recalls. ...

  • 7 days ago | Theater

    Let’s say you create a map of your bedroom. You draw the floor plan of where the bed is and where the end table stands, and the light and the closet and a chair. Even if you are drawing to scale, the map of your room isn’t actually your room,...

  • 9 days ago | Art

    The Cinema in the Cemetery fall film series returns this weekend to the Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery with a screening of an El Santo film featuring Mexico’s most famous professional wrestler/film star.   Santo Y Blue De...

  • 10 days ago | Theater

    When she looks back at her memories of Somalia’s Civil War, performance artist Ifrah Mansour remembers playing in broken tanks with her siblings. As a child that was simply the place she lived. She remembers having fun and all the joys that childh...


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