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  • Peer into the Ears of Dan Wilson and Al Franken

    published December 19, 2007

    Dan WilsonDixie Chicks Grammy-winning-song collaborator Dan Wilson released his first solo album this year, the Rick... More >>

  • The Year in Music 2007

    published December 19, 2007

    The RIAA came to Minnesota for a major victory. Local radio suffered some minor setbacks. The underground scene lost its Church, and the 400... More >>

  • Dance Dance Revolution

    published December 5, 2007

    Mash Notes Party people of Minneapolis, have I neglected you? Week after week, you channel the joyous life force of song, and you... More >>

  • Aimee Mann's Second Annual Christmas Show

    published December 5, 2007

    Everybody talks about how no two snowflakes are alike, though most people never consider that fact must condemn snowflakes to a terribly lonely... More >>

  • Dance Band CD-Release Show

    published December 5, 2007

    More than a year after landing on this little blue marble, the starship troopers from Planet Dance (or is it Planet Band?) are finally ready to... More >>

  • Circuits Berzerkus

    published November 28, 2007

    BEATRIX*JAR Golden Fuzz Hypercreatives Mash Notes Jacob Roske and Bianca... More >>

  • Film Highlight: Kurt Cobain: About a Son

    published November 28, 2007

    Kurt Cobain: About a Son Bell Museum Auditorium The songs on the soundtrack aren't... More >>

  • Answer Me, Ackerson!

    published November 21, 2007

    Mash Notes ED ACKERSON Ed Ackerson Susstones Local music phenom Ed... More >>

  • The Shouting's Over, Too

    published November 14, 2007


  • M.I.A.

    published November 14, 2007

    The Department of Homeland Security must be asleep at the wheel. How else to explain the infiltration of our nation's borders by the polyglot raps... More >>

  • The Wild Shakes

    published November 7, 2007

    Mash NotesThe Blind Shake are a trio, two-thirds composed of Blaha DNA. Siblings Jim and Mike Blaha, the band's... More >>

  • Flat Pipes and Firecrackers

    published October 24, 2007

    Mash NotesJoshua Stuckey's voice is no conventional beauty. It's flat as roadkill, nasal as Flonase, as prone to warping and... More >>

  • Poised

    published October 17, 2007

    Mash NotesThey call themselves Sick of Sarah, and I'm trying not to take it too personally. I do write a weekly column,... More >>

  • Free at Last

    published October 10, 2007

    Dan Wilson More >>

  • Give It Away Now

    published October 3, 2007

    Mash Notes by Sarah Askari Ozzy Dahlstrom does not, at first glance,... More >>

  • Girl Talk; Dan Deacon

    published October 3, 2007

    Both Greg Gillis and Dan Deacon like to rub elbows (and headbands) with their sweaty, springing, gyrating fans, surrounding themselves with the... More >>

  • Vicious Vicious: Parade

    published September 26, 2007

    Vicious ViciousParade self-released What is it about the... More >>

  • Pete Seeger: The Power of Song

    published September 26, 2007

    Like a banquet where all who've looked up to Pete Seeger come to celebrate the man who reintroduced America to its folk music heritage,... More >>

  • Picked to Click XVII

    published September 19, 2007

    WinnersMouthful of Bees More >>

  • Leaving the Hive

    published September 19, 2007

    The grotesque figure in front of us is devouring something. It's hard to be sure what. It doesn't have the normal number of eyes or limbs,... More >>

  • His Mischief Sing the Alphabet Song

    published September 19, 2007

    Airport—Drummer Jeff Brown fuels up jets, or so he tells me. I read in a previous City Pages article that part of his... More >>

  • Lost

    published September 12, 2007

    Brenda WeilerEnd the RainSpeaker Phone Records End the Rain began with a... More >>

  • Dinkyfest

    published September 12, 2007

    Dinkytown finally has a block party to call its own. While the season for cordoned-off street celebrations is drawing to a close, you can hardly... More >>

  • Glad Pastures

    published August 29, 2007

    The Rural Pop and Android Fuzz of They the Down Low More >>

  • Rain Man

    published August 22, 2007

    Who Is Tay Zonday, and Why Is He the Hottest Thing on the Internet? More >>

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