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  • The Sunshine Solution

    published March 19, 2008

    What is the taste of an industry in crisis? Bubblegum-pink mojitos are easing their way down my gullet after a succulent helping of pork in... More >>

  • Le Loup

    published March 19, 2008

    Bless Craigslist. It does the work of the Gods, righting wrongs in Missed Connections and uniting dongs in Casual Encounters—why, it's... More >>

  • Kid Dakota Visit the Depression-itorium

    published February 20, 2008

    KID DAKOTA A Winner's Shadow Speakerphone Records Mash Notes "Kid Dakota... More >>

  • Cat Power Comes Back

    published February 6, 2008

    CAT POWER Jukebox Matador Records Mash Notes The legend of Chan Marshall... More >>

  • Mika

    published February 6, 2008

    If you took a hot air balloon and covered it in spun sugar and candy sprinkles, would it still be able to carry you and your favorite stuffed... More >>

  • Mardis Gras Party

    published January 30, 2008

    Ever since Father Louis Beau Chapeau established the parish of Uptown in 1735, the crossroads of Lake and Hennepin has been a stage for revelry... More >>

  • After the Rapture

    published January 23, 2008

    HOUSE OF MERCY BAND Left Behind House of Mercy Recordings Mash Notes ... More >>

  • Let's Play Cowboys and Hoodlums

    published January 16, 2008

    OMAC MONTAINYA Death of an Unheard Rap Cowboy self-released Mash Notes I... More >>

  • Battle Ready

    published January 9, 2008

    THE BATTLE ROYALEWake Up, ThunderbabeAfternoon RecordsThere are two kinds of Battle... More >>

  • More Than Friends

    published January 9, 2008

    Local labels Afternoon Records and Limerick Records, at first glance, seem to be coming at the music biz from two totally different angles.... More >>

  • Big Ditch Road (CD-Release Show)

    published January 9, 2008

    The trouble with folk legends is that attempts to illuminate them often result in their destruction. Residents of New Jersey used to point to a... More >>

  • Artists of the Year

    published January 2, 2008

    Michael KBy Sarah AskariThough I revere Michael K, I know almost nothing about the man. Here is what I do... More >>

  • Streetlight Manifesto

    published January 2, 2008

    These rude boys from Jersey have hit the road to tour behind their latest release, Somewhere in Between. Riding the third wave of ska... More >>

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