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  • 2 days ago | Barhopping

    Do! Do! Do! Doot! Do! Do! Do! Doot! Doot do do doooo, Doot do do doooo DO DO! Doot do do doooo, Doot do do doooo DO DO! The Price is Right Live is currently in the middle of its residency at the Mystic Lake Casino in Shakopee. The run...

  • 3 days ago | Books

    Marlon James is working on a novel, which will be the follow-up to his hugely successful (Man Booker-winning, HBO optioned) A Brief History of Seven Killings. At least, that’s what he’s supposed to be doing. Right now, the Twin Cities by way of Ki...

  • 4 days ago | Concert Preview

    Lizzo is a hot commodity. So hot, in fact, that obtaining the interviews necessary to compose this article turned into a task so arduous and pregnant with delays and false starts, it was almost lost to history. You can probably guess what happens ...

  • 1 month ago | Concert Preview

    What I'd like to do is write an article about Kid Dakota where the focus is on something other than depression, where the narrative arc of "finding a light in the darkness" is put out to pasture. I'm not particularly interested in the grisly detai...

  • 2 months ago | Film and TV

    On the eve of the big Star Wars release, City Pages sent a reporter out to find out how ordinary people feel about the franchise. Participants were chosen at random. Mike, 58 City Pages: What do you think about Star Wars? Mike: I was fortunate eno...

  • 2 months ago | Reviews

    Conceptually, it sounds like the premise of a bad SNL sketch. Or perhaps more indicative of these end times, like the random result of a meme theme off the rails. The Pope — the same Pope that lives in the Vatican — has released his debut album at...


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