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  • A vast improvement over the first Star Trek movie, this swifter sequel begins with Admiral Kirk (William Shatner) stuck in drydock brooding over his career, while Spock (Leonard Nimoy) is busy training upstart cadets to run star cruisers....

  • Once upon a time (1972, to be exact), William Goldman wrote The Princess Bride, back when there wasn't much of a market for fantasy/adventure spoofs--and neither was the country yet consumed by Monty Python. Bearing that in mind, this...

  • What tradition exists in this $20 million, high-speed tribute to banality is there to be ripped off. Why I should care about Professor Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford), archaeology stud with a bullwhip, is beyond me. Why I should believe that...

  • Pity poor Clark Griswold. Not only is he a well-meaning, short-sighted bumbler and a fool, but every few years he has to see his weaknesses trotted out in public by the National Lampoon movie folks. He's the last of the great family men,...

  • 17 years ago | Film Reviews

    Director Eric Rohmer tells his Autumn Tale--and a seasoned critic turns the page.

  • 17 years ago | Film Reviews

    The Iron Giant tries to turn Disney's anthropomorphic style into a more efficient machine.


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