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1997 Stories by Peter Kafka

Archives: 1997
  • The Mouse That Roared

    published July 30, 1997

    One of the trickier parts of being a savvy content provider is keeping up with fluctuating business argot. Five years ago, for... More >>

  • Trainspotting

    published July 23, 1997

    IN A YEAR when proposals for Minneapolis's more glamorous public works slipped into limbo, the Midtown Greenway is a pointed... More >>

  • Come See the Loftier Side of Sears

    published July 16, 1997

    By most accounts, the abandoned Sears buildings in South Minneapolis constitute a headache of mammoth proportions. The... More >>

  • Meet the Taxman

    published July 2, 1997

    IT'S A SCENARIO that ought to bring a smile to any schlub who's ever grappled with the Internal Revenue Service and wondered... More >>

Archives: 1997