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    The Turkeys Resume Flight at Brave New Workshop

    published Apr 23, 2015

    This past year, the Twin Cities comedy super-crew the Turkeys suffered an unthinkable loss when comedian Gus Lynch passed away in Mexico while on vacation with his family. "When Gus died, it just... More >>


    Paul Scheer Talks TV, Comedy, and Magic Tricks Before Wits

    published Apr 22, 2015

    Even if you don't know his name, you're probably a fan of Paul Scheer. Maybe you know him as Andre, the fashion-challenged plastic surgeon on The League. Perhaps you're familiar with his work as ... More >>

  • Joel McHale

    published April 8, 2015

    Around this time last year, Joel McHale was preparing to skewer our nation's leaders as the host of the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner.... More >>


    Bridget Everett: "Minneapolis Is a Safe Place to Go Hog Wild."

    published Apr 14, 2015

    "I know that I can't motorboat people forever."This statement is the embodiment of "Bridget Everett problems."The 42-year-old alt-cabaret performer has been making waves over the past several years, b... More >>


    Joel McHale: "I'll be at The Soup Until I Die, Which is Probably Only a Few Days From Now"

    published Apr 10, 2015

    At this time last year, Joel McHale was freaking out. That's because he was preparing to host the annual White House Correspondent's Dinner, where he would be performing in front of undoubtedly the mo... More >>


    Epic Disney On Ice Fails

    published Apr 07, 2015

    For those of you who have never seen Disney On Ice live, allow us to give you a quick rundown of what to expect:- You will spend two hours hearing all of the same Disney songs that haunt your dreams, ... More >>

  • Maria Bamford

    published April 1, 2015

    There is no other way to say it: Maria Bamford is the voice of Minnesota comedy. Or voices, as it may be. Known for her surreal, self-deprecating... More >>

  • Chef Robert Irvine

    published March 25, 2015

    For years, Food Network fans have seen chef Robert Irvine as a hard-nosed, no-nonsense bad-ass who has helped cooks and restaurant owners... More >>


    Twin Cities Hit Show Offers a New Take on Morning Shows

    published Mar 26, 2015

    What happens when you lock a well-known local media personality, a former cop, and a hippie in a recording studio with no rules or restrictions? That is the question being answered every morning durin... More >>

  • Carly Aquilino

    published March 18, 2015

    Carly Aquilino's path to comedy success has been anything but normal. Instead of spending years grinding at open mics in front of nonexistent... More >>

  • John Mulaney

    published March 18, 2015

    It's been a while since John Mulaney had the chance to really work on his standup. After leaving his writing job at Saturday Night Live in... More >>


    Girl Code's Carly Aquilino: "I'm Still Trying to Figure Out a Lot of the Same Things As My Fans."

    published Mar 18, 2015

    While it's not uncommon for fans to strike up conversation with their favorite comedians after a show, they usually aren't looking for real-deal life advice. Then again, Carly Aquilino's career is any... More >>


    John Mulaney Talks SNL, New Standup Special, and Life Lessons

    published Mar 17, 2015

    A few weeks ago, basically every living A-list actor, musician, athlete, and comedian came together for the grandiose Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary. Over the next several days, stars gushe... More >>

  • Fortune Feimster

    published March 4, 2015

    If you've never seen Fortune Feimster perform live, you might want to hurry up and do it soon. The lovable Southern comedian, who gained notoriety... More >>


    Top 5 Moments in Minnesota Pro Wrestling History

    published Mar 12, 2015

    While our fair state hasn't had too many proud sports moments over the past few years, there's one fact that can't be denied: We love our pro wrestling. This weekend, John Cena, Randy Orton, and ... More >>


    Fortune Feimster: "I Don't Look or Sound Like Anyone Else Out There"

    published Mar 05, 2015

    If you want to say that you saw one of comedy's next superstars "before she was huge," you're going to want to get to the Woman's Club this weekend. Fortune Feimster, the lovable Southern comedia... More >>

  • Gabriel Iglesias

    published February 25, 2015

    Every comedian starts out in bars or clubs. If they're good enough, they'll graduate to performing in theaters. But it takes a special kind of... More >>


    Corey Adam Releases Comedy Album with No Jokes

    published Feb 26, 2015

    While every comedian dreams about releasing an album or a special of their best material, the trade-off is that it forces them to retire those jokes from their set. While this isn't a big deal for hea... More >>


    Gabriel Iglesias Talks Comedy, Cartoons, and Magic Mike XXL

    published Feb 25, 2015

    Standup comedy is currently experiencing one of its biggest booms. Every night of the week, clubs and theaters all over the Twin Cities are packed with fans new and old, and comedians are continually ... More >>

  • Take My Wife... Instead

    published February 11, 2015

    This Valentine's Day, Comedy Corner Underground will either be the most romantic or revenge-filled room in town, depending on how you approach it.... More >>


    Boy Kisses Combines Comedy, Gaming, and (Possible) Fist-Fighting

    published Feb 17, 2015

    Turner Barrowman and Collin Klug are the creators and hosts of the funniest, most poignant comedy show ever created. Just ask them."I'll fight anyone who says their show is better than ours, anyone," ... More >>


    Comedy Role-Reversal at Take My Wife... Instead This V-Day

    published Feb 12, 2015

    Between the release of the 50 Shades of Grey movie, Valentine's Day, and the fact that it's still too cold outside to think about getting out of bed, there's going to be plenty of weirdness taking pla... More >>

  • Demetri Martin

    published February 4, 2015

    While he is an accomplished actor, writer, filmmaker, and musician, Demetri Martin is most often recognized as the deadpan comedian with the giant... More >>

  • Saint Paul Winter Carnival

    published January 21, 2015

    Snow queens, frozen runners, ice sculptures, and a hidden medallion are just a few of the draws of the annual Saint Paul Winter Carnival. With a... More >>

  • City of Lakes Loppet: Urban Cross Country Ski Festival

    published January 28, 2015

    When it comes to being active in the wintertime, no one is more bad-ass than Minnesotans. There is no better example of this than the City of... More >>

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