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  • Kevin Bozeman

    published July 16, 2014

    Onstage, Kevin Bozeman has a unique voice, drawing humor out of his everyday life experiences and parenting. "That's what most of my time goes... More >>

  • Barry Rothbart

    published July 16, 2014

    "I wasn't funny at all when I was a kid," says comedian Barry Rothbart. "I was really shy. I was a weird fat kid that didn't have too many... More >>

  • Andy Kindler

    published July 9, 2014

    "For the last couple of hours I've been arguing with right-wingers on Twitter," says comedian Andy Kindler from his home in Los Angeles. "I can't... More >>

  • Scott Long

    published July 9, 2014

    "I went from hipster to dipster," laughs comedian Scott Long. "I used to go to concerts and see bands like the Replacements and the Pixies. Now... More >>

  • David Huntsberger

    published July 2, 2014

    You might not know it from his standup comedy set, or from the popular podcast he co-hosts, called Professor Blastoff, but David... More >>

  • Jeff Richards

    published July 2, 2014

    "I realized I could do voices when I was in junior high. I could imitate people, so that's what got me interested in doing impressions," says... More >>

  • Mike E. Winfield

    published June 25, 2014

    "I think I wrote an entirely new act since the last time I was in Minneapolis," says comedian Mike E. Winfield. "So I have a fresh new set for all... More >>

  • Ian Bagg

    published June 25, 2014

    Canada native Ian Bagg, as many standup fans know, had dreams of playing pro hockey. He switched to comedy because he grew tired of getting... More >>

  • John DeBoer

    published June 18, 2014

    Warm weather has returned to the Midwest, so that means the return of comedian John DeBoer to the clubs. Summer is when the veteran comic takes a... More >>

  • Matt Sadler

    published June 18, 2014

    We caught up with Matt Sadler while he was on a cruise to Alaska. "I'm doing one week of work, then I'm spending a week with my wife's family,... More >>

  • Kermet Apio

    published June 11, 2014

    Yes, Kermet Apio is aware that he has an unusual name, particularly for someone who was born in Hawaii. "My mom was trying to be cool," he... More >>

  • Daniel Kinno

    published June 11, 2014

    "I was born in Ukraine and I grew up in Russia and Belarus and sort of all over Eastern Europe," says comedian Daniel Kinno. "I'm not a spy, I... More >>

  • Sean Patton

    published June 4, 2014

    Sean Patton promises he won't be rusty when he arrives in the Twin Cities for his shows at Acme Comedy Co. Recently, he's had to take time off to... More >>

  • Bob Marley

    published June 4, 2014

    "My parents had no idea there was a reggae singer named Bob Marley," says the comedian with same name. It doesn't cause as much confusion as you... More >>

  • Jay Pharoah

    published May 28, 2014

    Comedian Jay Pharoah was first inspired to do voices and impressions by a slightly unusual source: Iago, the parrot from the Disney film... More >>

  • Dave Coulier

    published May 21, 2014

    Dave Coulier is of course known as a comedian and actor, but around these parts, and other NHL towns, he's also recognized as a hockey fan. "I... More >>

  • Ari Shaffir

    published May 14, 2014

    Ari Shaffir is in the process of relocating from Los Angeles to New York City. "It's hard to shop for a place there," he says. The move had to... More >>

  • Andrew Norelli

    published May 7, 2014

    Some comedians discover humor as a defense mechanism. Andrew Norelli realized it was a great way to communicate with his family. "When I was... More >>

  • Costaki Economopoulos

    published April 30, 2014

    Costaki Economopoulos: comedian, football fan, newlywed. "I got married four months ago," he says. "We did it right. We got a 1969 Checker cab, a... More >>

  • Jimmy Schubert

    published April 30, 2014

    Comedian and actor Jimmy Schubert has five brothers, but none of them went into show business. "They're all business owners," he says. Still, the... More >>

  • John Caponera

    published April 23, 2014

    "Whatever I find funny I talk about," says comedian John Caponera. That can include things like family, dieting, life's little victories, and... More >>

  • Cy Amundson

    published April 16, 2014

    Cy Amundson is back in his hometown to headline a week of shows at Acme Comedy Co. For the past few years he has been based in Los Angeles, where... More >>

  • Andy Hendrickson

    published April 16, 2014

    A lot can happen in a year. Since we last spoke to comedian Andy Hendrickson, he has made an appearance on The Late Show with David... More >>

  • Slade Ham

    published April 9, 2014

    Former radio personality Slade Ham was always interested in comedy growing up, but like many aspiring comics, he wasn't quite sure how to pursue... More >>

  • Jim Gaffigan

    published April 9, 2014

    "I'm not against recycling, but there's a certain sense of inconvenience," says comedian Jim Gaffigan. "My wife might ask if I rinsed out a soda... More >>

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