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  • Andy Kindler

    published August 11, 2010

    Andy Kindler is known as a comic who sometimes makes fun of standup comedy, but after serving as a judge on NBC's Last Comic Standing... More >>

  • Keane

    published August 4, 2010

    Fans of '80s new wave may compare Keane to Ultravox, or Marillion. In other words: a band that has been hugely successful in their native Britain,... More >>

  • Cy Amundson

    published August 4, 2010

    Punchline Magazine hails Cy Amundson as “one of the most talented young comedians out there.” He recently performed at the... More >>

  • Angelo Tsarouchas

    published July 28, 2010

    "Growing up in Canada, we had the best of both worlds," says comedian Angelo Tsarouchas. "We had British comedy and American comedy. And Canadian... More >>

  • Kelly Taylor

    published July 21, 2010

    You could scarcely be more Canadian than comedian Kelly Taylor. "I grew up on (SCTV's) Bob & Doug (McKenzie)," he says. "There's probably... More >>

  • Jon Dore

    published July 14, 2010

    Aficionados of Canadian television will no doubt recognize Jon Dore (no kin to America's Jimmy Dore) from his many stints up north on the small... More >>

  • Squeeze

    published July 14, 2010

    "We haven't been to Minneapolis for a few years, I'm quite looking forward to it," says Squeeze's Chris Difford. "A friend who makes my guitars... More >>

  • Brent Weinbach

    published July 7, 2010

    Comedian Brent Weinbach sounds weary. "I just got back form India," he explains. "I went for a wedding, then I traveled around the country a... More >>

  • Tommy Savitt

    published June 23, 2010

    Comedian Tommy Savitt grew up in New York and now lives in L.A. He entertains audiences everywhere in between. City Pages tracked him... More >>

  • Devo

    published June 23, 2010

    Devo: The name alone conjures up strange images of flowerpot headgear, plastic hair, and yellow radiation jackets (and spuds!). To the casual... More >>

  • Paul Mecurio

    published June 16, 2010

    "It's slow and quiet, then all of a sudden it's like you can't catch your breath," says comedian Paul Mecurio of his career. These days it's been... More >>

  • Jackie Kashian

    published June 16, 2010

    Though she has been to Iraq to entertain the troops, comedian Jackie Kashian says she doesn't really do a lot of political material. "I always... More >>

  • Cirque Du Soleil: Alegria

    published June 16, 2010

    Originally started as a loose affiliation of street troupes in Quebec, Cirque du Soleil has grown into an entertainment empire. Having found its... More >>

  • Dreek Hughes, Greg Warren

    published June 9, 2010

    Comedian, actor, magician--Derek Hughes does it all. It had to start somewhere though. “I started magic when I was 10,” the St. Paul... More >>

  • Wits: An Examination of Diversions, Distractions, and Hey Look at That Thing Over There!

    published June 9, 2010

    John Hodgman is known primarily as The Daily Show's resident expert on, well, just about anything. He's also recognized as the PC ying to... More >>

  • Rescue Me Comedy Tour

    published June 3, 2010

    If you follow actor/comedian Denis Leary on Twitter, you may have gotten a sneak peak at what he's going to talk about when he comes to town with... More >>

  • Steve Martin

    published June 3, 2010

    "He's like the president of comedy," Jimmy Dore recently said of Steve Martin. Dore was interviewing pal David Feldman, who was part of Martin's... More >>

  • Donnell Rawlings

    published May 26, 2010

    "I started as professional heckler," says comedian Donnell Rawlings when asked about how he got into standup. "I was working at a grocery chain as... More >>

  • Kermet Apio

    published May 19, 2010

    "I have got a couple of bits that are maybe PG-13," explains comedian Kermet Apio, "but not dirty by any means. What you see me do on the internet... More >>

  • Bobby Lee

    published May 19, 2010

    As a comedian, Bobby Lee has to travel a lot. He's getting a little annoyed with airport security. "They have a big sign that says, 'Weapons... More >>

  • Robert Kelly

    published May 19, 2010

    "I don't give a shit about the world, I just really care about my world," says comedian Robert Kelly. "I could give a shit about other countries... More >>

  • Jimmy Dore

    published May 12, 2010

    Though he has plenty of material about things like deer not being able to hear car horns and what it was like growing up poor, Jimmy Dore... More >>

  • Jake Johannsen

    published May 5, 2010

    Jake Johannsen has kept us laughing for several years now with his long, punchline-filled ramblings, but his comedic philosophy these days is more... More >>

  • Drew Hastings

    published May 5, 2010

    Comedian Drew Hastings once chased the bright lights of Hollywood, but left SoCal long ago. "I have a farm about 50 miles east of Cincinnati," he... More >>

  • Big Jay Oakerson

    published April 28, 2010

    "I try to make it a party," comedian Big Jay Oakerson says of his act. "I try to not be robotic. I respect a lot of guys who are and have great... More >>

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