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  • New Year's Eve Extravaganza

    published December 30, 2009

    "I'm kind of selective with where I like to do New Year's Eve," says comedian Isaac Witty. "I have a lot of friends around Minneapolis, and the... More >>

  • Dan Cummins

    published December 16, 2009

    Though he was an admitted class clown, Dan Cummins never had a burning desire to become a standup comedian. "I was more like back-of-the-room... More >>

  • Darryl Rhoades

    published December 16, 2009

    Aficionados of avant-garde '70s rock will probably recall Atlanta's Darryl Rhoades & His Hahavishnu Orchestra. "Rolling Stone magazine... More >>

  • Mike Brody

    published December 16, 2009

    Some comedians try their first open mic out of a long-burning desire to do standup. Others go at the behest of friends or coworkers. Mike Brody... More >>

  • Mike Lukas

    published December 9, 2009

    Comedian Mike Lukas has been described as a one-man improv act. That's not surprising when you consider he is an alumni of the renowned Second... More >>

  • Rob Little

    published December 9, 2009

    Life is good for comedian Rob Little. "Just got done golfing in L.A.," he says. "How cool is that?" Yes, things are going well for the Michigan... More >>

  • Jimmie Roulette

    published December 2, 2009

    After performing at his first open mic 11 years ago, Jimmie Roulette got a surprising reaction from his wife. "She said I should quit my job and... More >>

  • John Wessling

    published December 2, 2009

    "I have an allergic reaction to hard work," laughs comedian John Wessling. "I thought long and hard, and did the research. How can I make a living... More >>

  • The Sheroes of Comedy

    published November 25, 2009

    Leighann Lord feels she's at a disadvantage as a comedian. "I had a really good childhood," she confesses, "which is sometimes considered a... More >>

  • Gary Gulman

    published November 18, 2009

    Gary Gulman is one of the few comedians who could squeeze 10 really funny minutes out of a subject as mundane as a cookie. Criticizing the sugar... More >>

  • Jerry Seinfeld

    published November 11, 2009

    It may be hard to believe, but not all standup comics hold Jerry Seinfeld in high regard. Insult comic Lisa Lampenelli, for example, finds him... More >>

  • Lisa Landry

    published November 4, 2009

    Though she has a toddler, comedian Lisa Landry doesn't talk a whole lot about motherhood onstage. "I try to talk about other things," she says.... More >>

  • They Might Be Giants

    published October 28, 2009

    It's been an odd journey for They Might Be Giants, but then again that's what you would have expected from the Brooklyn-based duo of John... More >>

  • Tim Slagle

    published October 28, 2009

    By comedian Tim Slagle's estimation, people seem to be loosening up. The conservative comedian has been doing jokes about Barack Obama since the... More >>

  • Erik Griffin

    published October 28, 2009

    Erik Griffin isn't embarrassed to say what the biggest key to his success has been. "Admitted mama's boy, here," he laughs, "put that on the... More >>

  • Lights

    published October 21, 2009

    You could call Lights, whose birth name is Valerie Poxleitner, the girl and/or Canadian version of Minnesota's own Owl City. The similarities are... More >>

  • Doug Benson, Graham Elwood

    published October 21, 2009

    Comedian Doug Benson is well known for his love of marijuana. His opener, however, couldn't be more different. "We're kind of like a modern-day... More >>

  • Imagination Movers

    published October 21, 2009

    It would be easy to lump Imagination Movers in with the myriad musical acts geared toward kids. This New Orleans quartet offers a broader appeal.... More >>

  • Mitch Fatel

    published October 21, 2009

    Mitch Fatel is one of the most vulgar comedians of our time, yet he couldn't be more endearing onstage and off. His new DVD and Comedy Central... More >>

  • David Feldman

    published October 14, 2009

    "The country has gotten incredibly stupid," says comedian and comedy writer David Feldman. "I find it disheartening how dumb the country has... More >>

  • Robert Hawkins

    published October 7, 2009

    You'll have to forgive comedian Robert Hawkins if he's skeptical about the severity of the recent economic downturn. "This could be a record year... More >>

  • Greg Fitzsimmons

    published September 23, 2009

    "I'm suspended in the nebula of that middle part of show business, where I'm not a failure and I'm not a celebrity," reports comedian/writer Greg... More >>

  • Mike Birbiglia

    published September 23, 2009

    Mike Birbiglia feels that when he first started in standup, he oscillated somewhere between two of his idols, Mitch Hedberg and Richard Pryor. He... More >>

  • David Huntsberger

    published September 9, 2009

    "It's about dinosaurs, aliens, and robots, but also boobies," says comedian David Huntsberger of his act. Though he has trouble giving an accurate... More >>

  • Ben Gleib

    published September 2, 2009

    Ben Gleib emails and asks if his interview with City Pages can be done earlier than originally scheduled. He's been up all night,... More >>

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