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  • George Jones says call a cab or ride a lawn mower

    published Dec 30, 2009

    ​ No, just do the former. According to figures from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, in 2008 there were 35,736 impaired driving incidents in the state. 163 people were killed and 2,896 ... More >>

  • Kenny and Dolly and Christmas reminiscences

    published Dec 17, 2009

    ​I dedicate this to my mother, who has for nigh on a quarter of a century nursed my unhealthy fixation on a particular Christmas album. The holidays are a time for reminiscing. I remember the time... More >>

  • Top 10 most ridiculous country songs of '09

    published Dec 10, 2009

    ​We're nearing year's end, and I'd lose whatever shred of credibility I have left if I was to offer y'all a list detailing my favorite songs in country of the past year (note: some of them are inclu... More >>

  • LGBT line dancin' this and every weekend

    published Dec 03, 2009

    ​ Alright ladies. 1, 2, 3, 4. Right vine, diagonal heel/clap, left vine, diagonal heel/clap, step together, diagonal heel/clap, step together, diagonal heel/clap, swivel heels right, left, righ... More >>

  • Floorbirds and Gabe Barnett tap the roots of country at Bedlam

    published Nov 27, 2009

    ​So I ask my friends where I can go to see some good local country. "Go hear... no wait that's not country, that's folk. Go see... no wait that's not country, that's bluegrass. You should check out.... More >>

  • John Rich and Cowboy Troy rep for MuzikMafia or: WTF?

    published Nov 19, 2009

    ​ As with all forms of music, country music can at times be a bit schizophrenic. The Kid Rock song "All Summer Long," which topped the country charts in 2008, borrowed elements from Skynyrd's "Swee... More >>

  • Hank III reminds us we'll never get out of this world alive

    Hank III reminds us we'll never get out of this world alive

    published Nov 16, 2009

    ​In the past year I've been to only a handful of shows that really stand out, and seeing as how I've been to more concerts in my lifetime than the number of pills choked back by Johnny Cash, Hank Wi... More >>

  • Hank III: Let's punch and fight at First Ave Saturday

    published Nov 12, 2009

    ​ Far be it from me to endorse any of the activities mentioned in the Hank III-penned song dedicated to that rollin'-in-his-own-shit punk rocker GG Allin, be they drinkin' a lotta whiskey, smokin' a... More >>

  • Steely Dan at the Northrop: I saw your parents drunk!

    published Nov 09, 2009

    ​Photos by Nick Vlcek, click here for slideshow.Waiting in the cavernous Northrop Auditorium for Steely Dan to take the stage Sunday night on the Minneapolis stop of their "Rent Party '09" tour (on ... More >>

  • William Elliott Whitmore shows 7th St Entry skinny white boys can sing

    William Elliott Whitmore shows 7th St Entry skinny white boys can sing

    published Nov 05, 2009

    ​ "I dunno, he's kinda skinny." "You wouldn't know he was so skinny from his voice!" - Women assessing hotness of William Elliott Whitmore. At his show, November 4, at 7th St Entry. I don't kno... More >>

  • Charley Pride was the pride of the Yankees

    published Oct 29, 2009

    Let's talk about the Yankees, shall we? I think the World Series kicked off last night. I think the Yankees played the Phillies. But I don'know shit about shit and and I definitely don'know shit ab... More >>


    Emmylou Harris and the Red Dirt Boys hypnotize at Mystic

    published Oct 26, 2009

    I swear I didn't smoke any illicit substances before I headed to Mystic. And I most certainly was not drinking wine out of a jug, classier than that I am (I'll request that the peanut gallery kindly... More >>

  • From Johnny Cash to Glen Campbell: Country is not a crime

    published Oct 22, 2009

    But it is too often the stuff of criminals. Last weekend I was spending some quality time over 45s with a guy I used to date. A guy who used to really get my goat. A guy with whom, if I had a gun,... More >>

  • Naomi Judd: Rockin' the hep C since 1990

    published Oct 15, 2009

    ​ Well actually, she's been cured since 1995, but on this day in history, 1990 (well actually, in two days from now in 1990), Naomi Judd of mother-daughter country act The Judds announced that she w... More >>

  • Luke Bryan to release album at Fine Line

    published Oct 08, 2009

    ​ Here again I'll ramble on about some country musician I wanna make out with. Am I sincere? Well, not about that. In a week, I will not make out with Luke Bryan. But for a moment now yes, I wi... More >>

  • Taylor Swift

    published October 7, 2009

    Consider this: Taylor Swift was last year's biggest-selling American artist. Her single "Love Story" became the first country single to top the... More >>

  • Miranda Lambert drives the ladies wild at Mystic

    Miranda Lambert drives the ladies wild at Mystic

    published Oct 05, 2009

    ​ Fuck you, indie rock. I'll never tire of defending country music. Never! You want to hear me go on, and on, and on about it? Give me a beer. Hell, I'll do it sober. You want to tell me about yo... More >>

  • Are You Ready for the Country: The BOB does the GOD

    Are You Ready for the Country: The BOB does the GOD

    published Oct 01, 2009

    ​ Goddamn! Jeee-zus Christ. I take the Lord's name in vain as I reach to change the radio station. Oops. Goddamn second commandment, right out the window (third if you're a Baptist Methodist Eva... More >>

  • Are You Ready for the Country: Ode to Billy Ray

    published Sep 24, 2009

    ​ You wanna do something Friday night that I'll bet you ten rounds with Jose Cuervo will make you the most original person in this whole damned town? Something none of your friends would even imagin... More >>

  • Dwight Yoakam and company gyrate hips on guitars at Grand Casino

    published Sep 21, 2009

    And oh honeys, it was hot. I remember growing up, my grandma used to recount seeing Elvis, her most beloved Elvis, on Sullivan in the mid-50s. Glossy eyed, she'd recount those gyrating hips. She w... More >>

  • Are You Ready for the Country: How to tune a turd

    published Sep 17, 2009

    ​ Here ya go. Ten ways I'd put the hurt on Kanye West. One. I'd steal his vocal vocoder. Thought I was gonna say I'd kick his ass, didn't you? Naw. I'm not gonna turn this into a rant about Kany... More >>

  • Hank Williams, Jr. has a rowdy time at Mystic

    published Sep 14, 2009

    ​ Hank Williams, Jr. hit the campaign trail with a stop in Minnesota on Sunday night. Naw, I'm just pullin' your leg. He has announced intentions to run for a 2012 U.S. Senate seat in Tennessee but... More >>

  • An open letter to Barbara Mandrell

    published Sep 10, 2009

    ​ Dear Barbara, I'm sorry I thought you were an evil cunt all these years. See, my Grandma Florence told me you were. Well, she didn't use the word cunt but you get the idea. Maybe I should have l... More >>

  • Heidi Newfield and Hot Roxx to cover the best and worst of country

    published Sep 03, 2009

    ​ Shout-outs ain't only for hip-hop and all-staff meetings at work. "I'd like to give a shout-out to Annie, in Purchasing, for creating a new spreadsheet detailing paper product prices." Holleri... More >>

  • Randy Travis, unedited

    published Sep 02, 2009

    ​ Howdy. I'm at the state fair and I'm SHITFACED!And I'm at the randty travuis show. (Don' bother editing this, editor.) ​ Lookat that asshole. All comin' out in his blazer. Randy trabis think... More >>

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