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  • Fat Kid Wednesdays

    published December 23, 2009

    For a band with a name that sounds like a particularly embarrassing Perkins promotion, Fat Kid Wednesdays has proven to be a pretty damn serious... More >>

  • 25 Hip Hop Classics of the Decade

    published Dec 17, 2009

    ​Let's face it: this was a fucked up decade for hip hop. It was a fucked up decade for just about everything, really, but any timespan that starts with both mainstream and indie rap looking bound fo... More >>

  • Dosh

    published December 16, 2009

    Like most artists on the anticon. label, Martin Dosh has a way with being stylistically elusive. As a drummer-slash-keyboardist, a position played... More >>

  • Analyrical, Mally

    published December 16, 2009

    You could make a convincing case that two of the ten best hip hop albums this year came from Minneapolis artists P.O.S and Brother Ali. And beyond... More >>

  • Trailer Trash's Trashy Little X-Mas Show

    published December 16, 2009

    There's two grand holiday traditions in downtown Minneapolis, and only one of them involves elbowing through skyway crowds as you gawk at garishly... More >>

  • B-3 Organ Night

    published December 9, 2009

    The B3 organ is second only to the good old piano in the annals of jazz and soul keyboard instruments, hitting its peak of popularity between the... More >>

  • Marduk

    published December 9, 2009

    When you form a metal band for the specific purpose of being the single most heretical musical entity on the planet, you probably have your work... More >>

  • Heiruspecs, Black Blondie

    published December 9, 2009

    We know that U of M students are probably antsy to jet on home the moment Winter break begins. But before they ditch campus to spend some time... More >>

  • Found Footage Festival

    published December 9, 2009

    No region of the nation has a monopoly on awkward, unintentionally funny videos, but the Midwestern sensibility does lend something special to Joe... More >>

  • Guante & Big Cats

    published December 9, 2009

    "Guante" is Spanish for glove, and a name previously best-known as the one attached to '80s relief pitcher Cecilio Guante (career ERA of 3.48).... More >>

  • Black

    published December 2, 2009

    The spirit of SNDP -- First Ave's legendary '90s club-rave Sunday Night Dance Party -- lives on in a scaled-down size and a more... More >>

  • Eyedea & Abilities

    published December 2, 2009

    Five years is an eternity between albums, especially in the mixtape-accelerated timeframe that hip hop goes by, so a half-decade gap between... More >>

  • Unknown Prophets (CD-Release)

    published December 2, 2009

    Ask a Twin Cities hip hop fan at the beginning of the decade who the next local name to blow up might be, and there wouldn't be a shortage of... More >>

  • Studio 54 Party

    published December 2, 2009

    "Disco will never be over," Matt Keeslar's manic pop-culture philosopher Josh declares in Whit Stillman's 1998 film The Last Days of Disco.... More >>

  • The Bungalow

    published November 25, 2009

    Friday night gets all the love, Wednesday night has its nudge-wink "hump day" cachet and everyone hates Mondays so much that there's no choice but... More >>

  • Baroness, Earthless

    published November 25, 2009

    There's been some grumbling in the hesher ranks about this supposed "hipster metal" phenomenon, which as far as I can tell basically means "false... More >>

  • A Tribute to the Replacements

    published November 25, 2009

    In 1984, three albums came out of Minnesota that signaled a profound change in music. And while Purple Rain melded flamboyant pop-star... More >>

  • Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

    published November 25, 2009

    Alex Ebert knows to strike when the iron's hot: as the frontman for L.A.'s spaz-synth-punk practitioners Ima Robot, he hit paydirt right when... More >>

  • Fuck Knights

    published November 25, 2009

    Armed with a loud bass, a louder, pencil-strummed guitar and a deceptively stripped-down drumkit, the Fuck Knights have spent the past couple... More >>

  • M.anifest's free album 'The Birds & the Beats' available now

    M.anifest's free album 'The Birds & the Beats' available now

    published Nov 20, 2009

    ​ M.anifest's 2007 debut Manifestations was a bright surprise in an already-rich year for local hip-hop, a Native Tongues-via-Ghana joint that kick-started the MC's reputation as one of the Twin Cit... More >>

  • The Found Footage Festival unearths VHS footage of local bands

    The Found Footage Festival unearths VHS footage of local bands

    published Nov 19, 2009

    ​If there was anything the VHS boom of the '80s taught us, it's that nobody underestimated the necessity of time-filling, supposedly-disposable and cheaply-made diversions for the VCR-owning masses.... More >>

  • Last of the Record Buyers

    published November 18, 2009

    MCs may get all the mainstream attention nowadays, but hip hop started as a DJ-centered movement, and the truest heads can rattle off their... More >>

  • The Brass Messengers, NOMO

    published November 18, 2009

    The best way to describe the Brass Messengers is through a litany of basic facts -- they're a brass band, there's eleven of them, and you can see... More >>

  • The Trashmen

    published November 18, 2009

    When you get namedropped in a Pynchon novel -- as the Trashmen were in this year's Inherent Vice -- maybe that's enough to transcend all... More >>

  • Record Party

    published November 18, 2009

    "No Eagles. No Phil Collins. No Bummers." That's the motto of the dance night put on by the folks at indie-centric pop culture blog Switchblade... More >>

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