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  • Rage Within the Machine

    published December 15, 1999

    Bosses are using digital technology to monitor workers as never before. And as never before, workers are striking back. More >>

  • Hot Enough For Ya?

    published December 8, 1999

    Maverick weatherman Bruce Watson on global climate change, Minnesota winters, and the Bock Beer Warmup. More >>

  • Party Games

    published November 10, 1999

    In the rush to endorse school-board candidates, city pols may have forgotten to ask a few minor questions--like "What the heck do you stand for?" More >>

  • A Leg to Stand On

    published November 3, 1999

    After an awful wreck and years of ruin, a nod from God means comeback time for the East Side's favorite son. More >>

  • Rocket Man

    published October 27, 1999

    For five decades Ky Michaelson has defied gravity, authority, and the speedometer. Now he's poised to take on the universe. More >>

  • Down for the Count

    published October 6, 1999

    Minnesota's boxing commission gets socked in the kisser. More >>

  • Holy War

    published September 22, 1999

    Minnesota loggers take the U.S. Forest Service and the tree-huggers to court on the unlikeliest of gripes. More >>

  • The field. The fire. The fight.

    published September 22, 1999

    At camp with the holdouts against Highway 55. More >>

  • Bull Headed

    published August 25, 1999

    Every week Josh Wagner puts his wallet, his pride, and his life on the line for eight seconds of glory or mayhem. Sure as hell beats work. More >>

  • Bite the Bullet

    published July 28, 1999

    Minneapolis police say "common sense" led them to shoot Scott Derrick's beloved mutt. So what if he was on a leash? More >>

  • Time Is Money

    published July 21, 1999

    Inmates still stamp out license plates, but an emerging corporate ethic is pushing Minnesota's prison industries to branch out, cut fat, and pay... More >>

  • Sunfish Lake: The Phantom Menace

    published July 21, 1999

    Remember the panic over high-voltage power lines and electromagnetic fields? Itís back! More >>

  • Will the Circle Be Broken?

    published July 7, 1999

    A two-year-old brawl has south Minneapolis's most prominent gym on the ropes. More >>

  • The Racket Numbers

    published June 16, 1999

    With tennis's popularity in a decadelong slump, the country-club set pins its hopes on the city. More >>

  • Junk Bond

    published June 16, 1999

    Books for a nickel. Microwave magnets for a buck. Uptown's most assiduous dumpster diver knows there's gold in the garbage. More >>

  • Coffee, Tea...or HAVOC?

    published June 2, 1999

    Northwest flight attendants gear up for a new strike formula--minimum cost, maximum headache. More >>

  • The Ring Cycle

    published May 19, 1999

    World champ Will Grigsby, a renegade promoter, and a slew of die-hard fans fight to put Twin Cities boxing back on the map. More >>

  • Some Like It Rough

    published May 12, 1999

    Let the dummies head for the lake: Urban-fishing expert Tom Dickson hooks dinner, and a dose of history, close to home. More >>

  • Once More to the Lake

    published April 28, 1999

    Last month the U.S. Supreme Court upheld eight Chippewa bands' right to spear and net on tribal waters. Now it's time to fish. More >>

  • Putting Green

    published March 24, 1999

    Developers want to turn downtown Minneapolis into a golf paradise. Now all they need is a site--and some cash from the city. More >>

  • The Zero Hour

    published March 17, 1999

    Call him The Body. Call him The Mind. Whatever you do, don't call Ventura to fund your nonprofit. More >>

  • Dream Hoops

    published March 10, 1999

    Over the last 40 years, the Red Lake Warriors have known high hopes, humiliation, and off-court tragedy. Now they're getting ready to make history. More >>

  • Nicotine Fit

    published February 3, 1999

    He's been thrown out of court on his ear, but Roger Conant is still railing about the legal fees from the tobacco settlement. More >>

  • Dewey Defeats Truman!

    published January 27, 1999

    When the Vikings' train derailed en route to the Super Bowl, no one lost out bigger than the local media. More >>

  • At Close Range

    published January 20, 1999

    Suburbia solves its deer problem--efficiently, neatly, and discreetly. More >>

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