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1996 Stories by Michael Ventura

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  • 10 Movies to Know America By

    published December 25, 1996

    838_3amOne difficulty in thinking about America is that, from the... More >>

  • The Peril of Memory

    published December 4, 1996

    835_3amThe Peril of Memoryby Michael VenturaMy memories are... More >>

  • The Evil of Two Lessers

    published October 30, 1996

              It is not unusual to be a hungry child. You can find hungry children easily, all... More >>

  • Fitzgerald--Something Gorgeous

    published October 9, 1996

              They spoke of Fitzgerald's green eyes. They "glittered," Edmund Wilson said, and... More >>

  • The Ex-Files, Part III

    published September 11, 1996

              The history of marriage as an institution is larger than any of our personal... More >>

  • The Ex-Files, Part II

    published August 28, 1996

               So I ran. Ran as far as my obsessions and neuroses could take me. One day I had... More >>

  • The Ex-Files

    published August 21, 1996

    About two years into my marriage, I walked into the living room of our small apartment and saw my wife sitting on the couch. She looked at me.... More >>

  • The Erotic and the Sacred

    published June 19, 1996

               Lubbock, Texas is no place to hide. The thunderstorms are violent, the... More >>

  • Kids in Show Low

    published June 5, 1996

    Show Low is the name of the town, and I have no idea why. It's not far from a place called Fool Hollow. Founded in 1871, it... More >>

  • Death, or Something More Outlandish

    published May 8, 1996

    Other eras accepted death as a fate. Ours spends much of its time, effort, and money pretending death can be predicted and... More >>

  • A Primer on Death

    published May 1, 1996

    I woke from a dream of death to day's amazing/death grass death rice death chairs death death asleep or awake More >>

  • Heart Throbs in Vegas

    published April 24, 1996

    My dictionary defines "throb" as "to pulsate or pound, esp. with abnormal force or rapidity." Exactly what my heart was... More >>

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