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  • Spotlight on Milkweed Editions: An Evening of Travel, Politics, and Prose

    published December 7, 2011

    This Thursday, Friends of the Hennepin County Library will wrap up its series spotlighting local presses with Milkweed Editions' Christopher... More >>

  • Larry Watson

    published December 7, 2011

    Last month, author Larry Watson saw the release of his latest work, American Boy (Milkweed Editions). The story opens with the shooting... More >>

  • David Sedaris

    published November 9, 2011

    Just when public radio starts to take itself too seriously, a little wit from David Sedaris will be injected into the programming, and balance is... More >>

  • Twin Cities Book Festival

    published October 12, 2011

    Rain Taxi's Twin Cities Book Festival is a perfect whirlwind sampler of Minnesota's literary world. Start off the day by rubbing elbows with local... More >>

  • Russell Banks

    published October 12, 2011

    This Tuesday, novelist Russell Banks will talk about his newest book, Lost Memory of Skin (Ecco). The plot follows the Kid, a young... More >>

  • Spotlight on Coffee House Press: Ed Bok Lee and Bao Phi

    published September 21, 2011

    Tonight, Friends of the Hennepin Country Library debuts its new series, Spotlight on Local Presses, featuring Coffee House Press, Graywolf Press,... More >>

  • Talk of the Stacks: Nuruddin Farah

    published September 14, 2011

    This Tuesday, exiled Somali writer Nuruddin Farah will appear at Talk of the Stacks. His most recent book, Crossbones (Riverhead), ties... More >>

  • John Reimringer

    published September 7, 2011

    Set in St. Paul, Vestments is a gritty, honest novel about James Dressler, a priest whose faith is questioned when his past resurfaces in... More >>

  • Soap Boxing Poetry Slam: Cirque De So'Drunk Poetry Slam

    published July 6, 2011

    The St. Paul Soap Boxing Slam Team plans to get a little sloppy with a new slam concept at this month's Cirque De So'Drunk Poetry Slam. They will... More >>

  • Books & Bars

    published June 8, 2011

    Kathryn Stockett's first novel, The Help (Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam), takes place in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1962. The story follows... More >>

  • James Wallenstein

    published June 1, 2011

    This month Milkweed Editions brings us James Wallenstein's newly released debut novel, The Arriviste. Set in the 1970s, the story... More >>

Archives: 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011