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  • The Hold Steady at First Avenue, 12/29/10

    published Dec 30, 2010

    The Hold Steady December 29, 2010 First Avenue It's been a busy ride for the Hold Steady. In eight years they've released five records, gained an international following, and toured constantly -- no... More >>

  • Big Action Records talks about running an independent label

    published Dec 27, 2010

    Founded in 1999 in Winona, Minn., Big Action Records has changed hands and migrated up the river, but it remains dedicated to the same essentials. Founded by Matt Semke and Hank Rothering, both in pu... More >>

  • Nato Coles discusses new band, upcoming releases

    published Dec 21, 2010

    ​Nato Coles has been involved in the Midwest DIY scene for several years, first gaining notoriety with Milwaukee's Modern Machines before moving to Brooklyn and recently settling in Minneapolis. In ... More >>

  • CD Review: Chibalo

    published December 22, 2010

    It could be said that Chibalo play stoner metal with some additional effects and flourishes; of course, Minneapolis bands tend to skew genre... More >>

  • Helena Thompson and her Purest Spiritual Pigs

    published December 8, 2010

    Helena Thompson was living in San Francisco in 1999. She had been making music for 25 years, but balancing her artistic ambitions with the... More >>

  • Triple Rock adds Monday night winter series

    published Dec 06, 2010

    Always willing to try out new and novel ideas (Free Bacon Night, for one), Triple Rock owner Erik Funk has devised a new idea for the winter lull of touring bands. The venue will be opening their Mon... More >>

  • Sleeping in the Aviary

    published December 1, 2010

    Lo-fi power-pop? Playful indie folk? Call it what you will, Sleeping in the Aviary are celebrating the release of their third record, Great... More >>

  • Insides Music's Bryce Beverlin II talks compilations and noise

    published Nov 24, 2010

    ​Like most independent labels, Insides Music started as a way for owner Bryce Beverlin II to get his own music heard. With a motto of "low hype, low cost, large emphasis on artistic vision," owner ... More >>

  • Hollows release "Bobby Blueheart" 7-inch

    published Oct 26, 2010

    ​Hollows are a Chicago five-piece who play throwback, female-fronted pop with an ear for haunting organ that underlays the peppy "sha la la" approach. They mix '60s girl groups with '80s keys, a fl... More >>

  • Hamburger Help Me deliver 22-song 7"

    published Oct 15, 2010

    ​Music comes in all shapes and sizes. For Hamburger Help Me, it comes it short, aggressive blasts. While their ridiculous name and equally goofy cover art (consisting of several famed Garys) doesn... More >>

  • Tyler Jon Tyler release 7"

    published Oct 12, 2010

    ​Chicago's Tyler Jon Tyler is an indie pop three-piece. When listening to their New England Street 7", their skeletal approach to songwriting is on full display.The title track is defined by Rebecc... More >>

  • DWITT reflects on life as a rock 'n' roll artist

    DWITT reflects on life as a rock 'n' roll artist

    published Oct 07, 2010

    ​You may not recognize David Witt's name, but it's very likely you've seen his work plastered on street posts and bulletin boards around town -- especially if you frequent the West Bank. Since 2002,... More >>

  • Naked Raygun release Single #2

    published Sep 29, 2010

    ​When Naked Raygun was born in 1981, one can only assume the Chicago punks never intended to be releasing records in 2010. Now spanning four decades, the band's career has seen its members change an... More >>

  • Milwaukee's Drugs Dragons release new 7"

    published Sep 21, 2010

    ​Usually when you don't know what speed to play a record, it's not a good sign. But with "I Hate Rat People," the second release from Milwaukee's Drugs Dragons, the whole thing comes shrouded in my... More >>

  • Private Dancer

    published September 15, 2010

    Musical trends come and go, but straight-up rock'n'roll—the kind that defines itself by providing positive energy and eternal... More >>

  • Sticks N Stones release debut 7"

    published Sep 03, 2010

    Red Light is the first release from Milwaukee three-piece Sticks N Stones. Their name hints at nursery rhymes and bygone eras, though with also bone-breaking implications. Fittingly, they deliver ga... More >>

  • Various Artists

    published September 1, 2010

    The idea is simple enough: Insides Music's Cold As Fuck compilation seeks to capture a moment in the Twin Cities musical underground,... More >>

  • New Labor (7''-release)

    published August 25, 2010

    In an age when many bands have their first demo recorded before they've even played a show, New Labor, formed in 2008, have taken nearly two years... More >>

  • New Labor to release debut 7"

    published Aug 26, 2010

    ​Since forming in 2008, the New Labor has played throughout town without any recorded material. That will soon change with a September 4th release show at the Hexagon. "From time to time," singer A... More >>

  • Dynamiters and Double Bird release split 7"

    published Aug 19, 2010

    ​Both songs on this split between the Dynamiters and Double Bird may have some exotic elements to their titles, but the music is strictly down-to-earth rock. From the homemade cover art to the basi... More >>

  • Purest Spiritual Pigs, 'Body Misses'

    published Aug 12, 2010

    ​Purest Spiritual Pigs is technically Helena Thompson's solo project. Primarily recorded in her basement, the ex-Her Majesty the Baby drummer has conceived eleven tracks that blend digitally-ma... More >>

  • Goodnight Loving release 'Nothing Conquers Us'

    published Aug 11, 2010

    The 7" Review blog has seen its share of punk bands of late--in large part because that's a genre that utilizes the short-play format more frequently. This edition brings a little more variety to the... More >>

  • Canadian Rifle release Facts EP

    published Aug 05, 2010

    ​On the heels of their full-length Visibility Zero, Facts is a new ep from the DIY Chicago three-piece Canadian Rifle. The 7" is a three song noisy punk affair. The a-side, "Blank Trade" pummels wi... More >>

  • Off With Their Heads

    published July 14, 2010

    How will Off With Their Heads acclimate to a label that has released the likes of Bad Religion, Rancid, and the Offspring—and will the... More >>

  • Legendary San Diego Chargers featured on 4-band 7"

    published Jul 12, 2010

    ​Dangerous Intersections V, the fifth installment of the 4-band compilation series 7" from Traffic Street Records carries only one local connection this time around. That band, despite their non-Mi... More >>

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