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  • Legendary San Diego Chargers, Sunnyside release split 7"

    published Dec 16, 2009

    ​ ​With Jesse Thorson's voice hitting on the opening note, the Legendary San Diego Chargers exhibit a confidence in their songwriting that catches you from the start of their new split 7", G... More >>

  • Off With Their Heads release Live at the Atlantic, Vol. II

    published Nov 09, 2009

    ​Off With Their Heads have slowed their 7" release pace significantly since hitting the road full time for last year's From the Bottom. Regardless, Sound Study Recordings found a way to get t... More >>

  • The Blackthorns release posthumous 7"

    published Oct 28, 2009

    ​Sometimes you get lucky with a band name and it's actually indicative of a sound, without being trite. The Blackthorns are a case in point. The name implies a dark and earthy tone that the band's g... More >>

  • 7" review: Brokedowns/Sass Dragons

    published Oct 21, 2009

    ​The split 7" is a punk rock staple and a great format for bands that play fast, aggressive music. It maintains its energy while the brevity limits overplay before the adrenaline wears out. Casset... More >>

  • Brother Ali: Us

    published October 7, 2009

    Since his first release nearly a decade ago, Minneapolis rapper Brother Ali has crafted a stage persona of a tough guy with a soft underbelly.... More >>

  • 7" Review: Arrivals, Razorcake "Sister Series"

    published Oct 01, 2009

    ​ Labels like gritty, Chicago pop-punk only go so far in explaining what the Arrivals sound like. Much of what falls under the punk umbrella lacks their keen, melodic focus. They achieve this thro... More >>

  • 7" Review: Retainers, "Waste of Time"

    published Sep 08, 2009

    ​Even played at a low volume on your stereo, this will be among the loudest records you own. When somebody tells you the Hives are a garage band, sit them down and play "Waste of Time" instead. Th... More >>

  • Banner Pilot: Collapser

    published September 2, 2009

    Collapser is Banner Pilot's third release in four years, and the first for punk stalwart Fat Wreck Chords. The band owes much... More >>

  • 7" review: Condominium, "Barricade"

    published Aug 17, 2009

    ​"Barricade" opens with the words "I know what to expect," which couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to labeling Condominium. Hardcore would be most applicable label, as the opening lin... More >>

  • Chooglin': Sweet Time

    published August 12, 2009

    Enough has been made of Chooglin's CCR-derived name. The music speaks for itself, and it says "party" all the way from its BBQ-themed packaging... More >>

  • Michael Yonkers and the Blind Shake: Cold Town/Soft Zodiac

    published July 29, 2009

    Michael Yonkers has a lifetime of Twin Cities musical experience, and the Blind Shake are quietly gaining status themselves. Cold Town/Soft... More >>

  • 7" Review: France Has the Bomb/Tiger Bones

    published Jul 24, 2009

    France has the Bomb are a band that don't want to be associated with genre. They chose a name that doesn't give away their sound, and their music is such a hodgepodge of styles that it can't be pinpo... More >>

  • 7" Review: Fuck Knights, "Kristina!"

    published Jul 14, 2009

    Welcome to a new feature on Gimme Noise that highlights local 7" releases that may have flown under your radar. The first is a single by Fuck Knights that was released late last year.With their dirty ... More >>

  • Gateway District: Some Days You Get the Thunder

    published July 8, 2009

    In the ever-incestuous Twin Cities music scene, it was only a matter of time before some of the most prominent pop punks in town joined up for... More >>

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