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  • Glass Armonica:An Evening of Poetry and Dance Inspired by the Work of Rebecca Dunham

    published April 9, 2014

    Music, dance, and poetry intermingle on the tiny Bryant-Lake Bowl stage as Maggie Bergeron's always illuminating choreography and Nicholas... More >>

  • MinnesotaDance Theatre: Spring Season

    published April 9, 2014

    Minnesota Dance Theatre's intriguing spring concert features new pas de deux by Martine Van Hamel, formerly an American Ballet Theatre principal... More >>

  • Vanessa Voskuil: The Student

    published April 2, 2014

    In Vanessa Voskuil's 2009 work "En Masse," 79 civilians of diverse ages, sizes, genders, and ethnicities, led by Voskuil herself, cycled through a... More >>

  • Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre: ConVivir

    published April 2, 2014

    The gritty and passionate dance form flamenco meets messages of peace and tolerance in this multicultural performance. Inspired by a golden age of... More >>

  • Black Label Movement

    published March 26, 2014

    Black Label Movement is a two-headed beast. On the one hand, director and choreographer Carl Flink explores highly emotional subjects, like the... More >>

  • Companhia Urbana de Dança: Na Pista and ID: Entidades

    published March 26, 2014

    Straight from the infamous favelas of Rio de Janeiro, the eight young men of Companhia Urbana de Dança explore the urban culture of Brazil... More >>

  • Threads Dance Project: Body & Soul

    published March 19, 2014

    A few years ago, Karen L. Charles's beloved father bequeathed to her the resources to realize her dream of starting a dance company. With her... More >>

  • Morgan Thorson: YOU

    published March 19, 2014

    Since relocating from New York to Minneapolis in 1992, dance maker Morgan Thorson has developed a reputation for pieces that combine intellectual... More >>

  • SCUBA National Touring Network for Dance

    published March 5, 2014

    Get a glimpse of up-and-coming dance artists from across the country as part of the SCUBA touring network, currently celebrating its 10th year of... More >>

  • Poonies at Patrick's

    published February 26, 2014

    April Sellers and Rebecca Kling believe that many LGBTQ voices go unheard. To help remedy that, the two are curating a two-city collaboration... More >>

  • luciana achugar: Otro Teatro

    published February 26, 2014

    Primal rites, feral sensuality, lots of hair, and a feminine mystique that suggests everything from models getting jazzed for the runway to... More >>

  • B-Boy J-Sun

    published February 19, 2014

    A good hip-hop dancer can morph into a thousand shapes. In a witty play of body parts against one another, the human form becomes a sly mechanism... More >>

  • Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater: 35th Anniversary Season

    published February 12, 2014

    For this 35th anniversary season, Stuart Pimsler is hauling out some oldies-but-goodies. Pimsler, who often wears his heart on his sleeve even as... More >>

  • Rennie Harris Puremovement

    published February 5, 2014

    Rennie Harris's Puremovement company gives the athletics and poetics of hip-hop dance equal time. The liquidity, warp speed, and gymnastic... More >>

  • Contempo Physical Dance

    published February 5, 2014

    Choreographer Maricano Silva dos Santos employs the explosive dance of his native land to tell the harrowing story of African slaves in Brazil.... More >>

  • Beyond Ballroom Dance Company

    published January 29, 2014

    Who knew that the waltz, that most genteel of art forms, was once considered risqué? A lady could lose her inhibitions being whirled around... More >>

  • Swarupa (Revelation)

    published January 22, 2014

    A solo performance becomes a rite of passage in South Indian Bharatanatyam. Originally a sacred dance performed in Hindu temples by female... More >>

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