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  • Union Jacked

    published December 24, 1997

    If the U.S. Supreme Court agrees with commercial bankers that credit unions enjoy an unfair advantage, millions of people will pay a lot more for... More >>

  • Blockbusted

    published December 17, 1997

    By the end of the month, the City Council could order the demolition of the Shubert, Minneapolis's oldest theater. More >>

  • In the Business Of?

    published December 3, 1997

    New UM budget rules may be shaping the way the Carlson School of Management defines diversity. More >>

  • The Mauling of America

    published November 26, 1997

    Five years after its grand opening, the megamall is both an anachronism and a national obsession. More >>

  • Bill of Goods

    published October 29, 1997

    One more retail palace could make downtown Minneapolis a tourist's fantasyland. And if you believe that, city officials have a parking lot they'd... More >>

  • Power Play

    published August 6, 1997

    "IT WAS A minor victory," Sen. John Marty says of Todd Rapp's decision last week not to attend a legislative junket to... More >>

  • Adieu, Fairview

    published July 30, 1997

    IN THE WAKE of the merger between the University Hospital and Fairview Health Systems, doctors are reportedly leaving the... More >>

  • (Un)Fare Wars

    published July 16, 1997

    THE IMAGES OF flight attendants, ticketing agents, and pilots marching on the Capitol last week only served to further cement... More >>

  • Finally Making the Boys Play Fair

    published July 9, 1997

    Like many women who grew up in Minnesota, hockey was an integral part of Julie Otto's youth. She watched her brother play... More >>

  • Cashing In on Credit

    published June 25, 1997

    IT'S BECOME COMMONPLACE for university alumni associations to offer credit cards, and the University of Minnesota is no... More >>

  • Killer Cure

    published June 11, 1997

    In the 10 years she's worked as a volunteer in the buddy program at the Minnesota AIDS Project (MAP), Theresa Grunow has... More >>

Archives: 1998 | 1997