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  • Office Politics

    published December 16, 1998

    Never mind taxes, spending, education: Where's the shower? More >>

  • Cheesehead Power?

    published December 9, 1998

    NSP says it needs to run high-voltage wires over the scenic St. Croix to keep the lights on in western Wisconsin. But critics charge the utility's... More >>

  • Shake Your Booty

    published December 2, 1998

    Jerome Smith says his Payne Avenue office is simply a phone-dispatch center. So why are the neighbors all hot and bothered? More >>

  • Unpaid Bills

    published November 11, 1998

    The People of Phillips group collapsed this year, but its ghost is still kicking where it counts. More >>

  • The Bars That Bind

    published November 11, 1998

    Eight years for burglary. Eighteen for rape. Life for murder. Five women talk about doing time with their men behind bars. More >>

  • Radiodead

    published October 21, 1998

    To celebrate its fifth annual fundraising drive, Radio K disappeared from the air for three and a half days. The reason? Cell phones. More >>

  • Championship or Bust

    published October 7, 1998

    The Gophers' Women's Volleyball team is becoming one of the best squads in the nation. But can they satisfy their athletic director? More >>

  • Surrender, or Else

    published September 23, 1998

    Corcoran neighborhood rebels rise up against the Minneapolis Park Board. More >>

  • Little Orphan Orchestra

    published September 16, 1998

    Why the Minnesota Orchestra can't find a summer home. More >>

  • Whitewater Affair

    published August 12, 1998

    The current investigation into rafting the rapids on Minneapolis's stretch of the Mississippi. More >>

  • The Last Block Party

    published August 5, 1998

    St. Paul's Brewery District: Three blocks. Four generations. 35 eviction notices. More >>

  • The Gospel According to the Army

    published July 15, 1998

    A Minneapolis congregation that preaches sobriety surrenders to the Salvation Army. More >>

  • From Minneapolis, With Love

    published July 1, 1998

    Hennepin County wants to dump its incinerator ash in the metro's "environmental Bermuda triangle". More >>

  • Goodbye Golden Boy

    published June 3, 1998

    The folks at City Hall wooed Paul Farmer to rediscover Minneapolis's urban soul. Three years later they'd had enough, and showed the planning... More >>

  • Bidder Battles

    published May 20, 1998

    The MCDA's policy for dealing with contractors encourages lowball bids--and homeowners' headaches More >>

  • Trial by Paper

    published May 6, 1998

    Millions of tobacco-industry documents find a home in the crammed back rooms of the Depot More >>

  • Hired Help

    published April 22, 1998

    If for-profit career counselors don't promise anything specific, clients who fail to find the job of their dreams have little recourse More >>

  • Prairie Dogged

    published April 8, 1998

    A fake flyer making the rounds at the Capitol suggests NSP wants to pay itself millions in fines for failing to move nuclear waste off Prairie... More >>

  • Bow Wow

    published March 25, 1998

    Just like their people-treating counterparts, veterinarians are discovering that holistic therapies can be both good medicine and good business. More >>

  • Screwed, and Depressed About It

    published March 25, 1998

    If the University of Minnesota is going to treat graduate school as a job, then teaching assistants say they deserve to be treated as well as... More >>

  • A Dose of Reality

    published March 18, 1998

    After years of gathering dust on drugstore shelves, the female condom may finally be on its way to finding acceptance among gay men and Third... More >>

  • Overpowered

    published March 4, 1998

    For 43 years, the Piekarskis cherished the peace and quiet that came with living on a large, wooded lot. Then NSP strung enough wires across the... More >>

  • Breaking the Surface

    published February 18, 1998

    After nearly 10 rocky years on the job, UM Women's Athletic Director Chris Voelz finally has plenty to smile about. More >>

  • Guess Again

    published February 11, 1998

    Mary Jo Nicolas knew something was wrong with the $700 gas bill she got from NSP. More >>

  • Privacy Posturing

    published January 14, 1998

    US West wants to use information about who you call to increase its sales. Privacy advocates are screaming foul. More >>

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